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UpworthyUpworthy’s mission is to draw massive amounts of attention to the most important stories in the world — to change what hundreds of millions or billions of people are paying attention to every year.

And we’re off to a great start: In the last three or so years, we’ve designed an industry-leading story testing system, built a vast data warehouse, and amassed a trove of insights from thousands of experiments. We spend our days at the intersection of data and storytelling, developing tools and techniques to find, develop, craft, optimize, and even assess the impact of our stories in novel, powerful ways. But to make the kind of difference we want to make in the world, we need to go even further. That’s where you come in.

Upworthy is hiring an experienced Writer for our Content Collaborations team, to create compelling, empathic, best-of-breed stories designed to make the world a better place.

A bit about the team:

Content Collaborations is a team of writers, editors, producers, designers, problem solvers, storytellers and creative strategists working together to make content for and with Upworthy’s strategic and advertising partners. Our work ranges from pure editorial journalism and original videos, to co-branded series, to more traditional native advertising, to big-swing, mission-driven joint partnerships. These projects can take virtually any form including interactive, animated info-graphics, documentary films, deep dive reporting, video series, comics, social campaigns and beyond! We leverage Upworthy’s best in class storytelling, extensive, data-informed insights and audience development expertise to bring awesome content to our audiences on behalf of our brand partners.

We’re looking for boldly creative, passionate, curious, analytical, self-motivated storytellers who move at the speed of the Internet, and firmly believe we’re all part of the same story to join our team as full time writers.

Is This Job For You?

  • You’re fast. You have incredible instincts for how the Internet will respond to the conversation of the moment, and believe that together, we can move that conversation in a direction that makes the world a better place. You know how to move quickly and take advantage of those moments as they come.
  • You’re a talented storyteller. You have a sharp eye for storytelling in all forms on the Internet including writing, visual communication, and savvy packaging.
  • You are flexible in your voice and writing style, and can jump into a wide variety of topics topics to highlight the most important angles and ideas with ease.
  • You’re audience focused. You’re aware that branded content has to serve multiple audiences including Upworthy, our partners, and their targets and you’re skilled and crafting pieces that deliver successfully to all parties.

If that sounds like you, we should talk!

The Role:

  • Content Creation
    • Fearlessly tackle any and all story assignment from your editor.
    • Deliver clean, strong, sharp copy on tight timelines. Keep the quality high and the creative fresh.
    • Quickly build story packages.
    • Dream up and build basic graphic and/or visual story components.
    • Develop thumbnails, headlines, and other clickable, shareable visual and verbal clues for each story.
    • Optimize the story package via rigorous testing.
    • Solicit and incorporate feedback, both structured and unstructured.
    • Track and improve qualitative and quantitative results over time.
  • Quality Control:
    • Rigorously adhere to Upworthy’s Standards and Guidelines
    • Guide stories to maximum success, by understanding and advocating our latest data trends and editorial strategies.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration:
    • Partner with Account Strategy on campaign executions to ensure all deliverables, review rounds and approvals are received.
    • Work closely with Creatives on the overall campaign to deliver on the original vision and incorporate any nuanced direction.
    • Work directly with Standards, Growth and Distribution and make sure all stories get successfully through the complete cycle.
    • Partner with Content Operations to track performance and delivery
    • Participate in brainstorms and proactive content ideation and development both within Collaborations and with creative teams throughout Upworthy.
    • Participate in editorial strategy meetings, to stay abreast of Upworthy’s latest editorial tools and approaches.
    • Work with the Insights team to ensure best practices are captured and implemented from every execution.

Skills Required:

  • Fast but detail oriented. Responds quickly. Writes clean copy. Willing to take on any story and make it soar.
  • Flexible. Willing to roll with changes to processes or structure, and eager to learn and employ new skills.
  • Has strong virtual communication skills and is a calm team player under tight deadline pressure.
  • Has a vibrant, active presence on social media, specifically Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.
  • Has 3+ years professional experience in Journalism/Reporting/Writing
  • Has additional experience in one or more of the following areas
    • Editing / documentary work
    • Branded or commercial content
  • Comedy writing / songwriting
  • Graphic design / art / visual communication
  • Spoken word / performance / acting / improve
  • Copywriting / marketing / online marketing / advertising
  • Social media
  • Activism
  • Communications

Bonus Qualifications:

  • Digitally Fluent. You’re a voracious consumer of digital media, with a deep familiarity with all of the big social platforms and a few of the smaller ones as well. You’ve created content for most, and worked deeply on at least one.
  • Experience with Video. While your role will be primarily focused on article content, much of our work is brought to life in video. Experience or interest in developing, producing or editing video would come in awfully handy.

Why It’s So Great To Work At Upworthy

  • You’ll be paid competitively and get a stake in the company. We’re mission-driven, but we’re also a well-funded for-profit venture. All full-timers are offered equity.
  • You can work from anywhere. Upworthy has no central office; we collaborate entirely online. You can work from basically anywhere with Internet access, in time zones that match up with the United States.
  • Take vacation when you need it. You’ll have unlimited time off. We even give you a vacation bonus to encourage you to take a really nice vacation from time to time and recharge fully.
  • Stay healthy. We offer everyone a free, high-quality, no-deductible health insurance plan, as well as dental and vision benefits. And we encourage work-life balance and ergonomic precautions for all.
  • We <3 families. We have a generous parental leave policy for all employees.
  • Save for the future. We offer a 401(k) plan to all full-time employees who have completed six months with us.
  • Awesome team. You’ll be collaborating with a fantastic group of smart, driven, principled, good-spirited people.
  • And many additional perks!

We’re Deep Believers In Equal Opportunity

At Upworthy, we believe that the diversity of ideas, experiences and cultures that our employees contribute to our company is our greatest advantage, and we are proud to be an inclusive and equal-opportunity workplace, where all applicants and employees are considered for hire, promotion and job status without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical handicap.

How to Apply

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