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Classroom Monitor

Pay: $21.11 an hour

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Classroom Monitor (In-Person) TERMS: 

4 hrs/day, 4 days/wk (total 16 hrs/wk) $21.11/hour GENERAL DUTIES: Classroom Monitors are responsible for assisting students who are in school with accessing work online or helping students who are zooming into the class remotely. The Classroom Monitor oversees students to ensure that they use school time effectively on assignments and that students follow school rules.

Classroom Monitor will oversee remote learning, troubleshooting with zoom classes and supporting with assignments students are responsible for completing during the school day.

REQUIRED RESPONSIBILITIES: – The Classroom Monitor will be responsible for the following duties: – Ability to be present daily in person.- Monitors students in individual classes or large group sessions-

Executing and monitoring plans created and left by teachers- Reporting to teachers the work completed by students and any academic or behavioral issues-

Progress monitor students to ensure they are on task with the assignments- Managing behavior and enforcing school rules during time with students- Keeps the principal informed about persistent problems- Taking attendance-

Assisting students with a wide variety of academic tasks- Creating grade-level appropriate mini-tasks to help student purposefully fill time if they finish assignments or have nothing to do (ie peer to peer help, college readiness task, etc)-

Aiding students with the use of technology to finish assignments- Assist students and teachers with individual Chromebook issues by troubleshooting and directing them toward appropriate resources.-

Help students to engage and re-engage with work using school-based SEL practices- Upholds school policies and follows administrative procedures- Monitors student activity in hallways and cafeteria to ensure orderly conduct- Additional duties as assigned by the principal or designee


Ability to maintain order in classrooms and enforce school policies with students;-

Ability to implement lesson plans;-

Ability to perform reporting/recording requirements;-

Ability to communicate effectively with entire school community;-

Experience working with youth.- Ability to work with diverse population;- Knowledge of differentiated instruction and response to intervention helpful

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Company – Watertown Public Schools


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