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Customer Service, Calls, Appointments


  • VOIQ is a fast-growing tech company based in Silicon Valley with a web-platform that allows businesses to qualify sales leads in minutes, at half the cost of call centers. VOIQ is powered by thousands of professional call agents working from our VOIQ app on their mobile phones.  VOIQ is backed by the top technology investor in Silicon Valley (YCombinator).
  • Our goal with VOIQ is to provide
    • 1) small to medium sized businesses with the ability to launch a call campaign quickly and reach new leads in a scaleable way that an internal sales team can’t, without the restrictions of a traditional call center
    • 2) hardworking professionals the ability to have quality of life (stay home with kids, care for a sick parent or grandparent, allow people with physical disabilities to be comfortable) and be able to work and make money. That is why we are so flexible with our agents.


  • Outbound call center experience is required, sales or lead generation experience a plus
  • iPhone 4S or newer/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet (all calls are made through our mobile app, there is no computer program available)
  • headphones (the ones that come with your cell phone are perfectly fine)
  • reliable wifi connection


  • $0.30/minute of talk time X 40 minutes of talk time = $12/hour
  • Campaign bonuses & Referral bonuses available
  • Agents are paid for every minute that they talk with a contact, regardless of the success of the call (success depends on the specific campaign; it can be hot lead transfers, email captures, getting contact to receive a promo code, etc.).

Since it is the agent’s responsibility to manage their time, the app calculates call time and pays the agents per minute of talk time. Since the pay is $0.30/minute, if an agent’s call goes for 29 or less seconds, they’ll get paid for half a minute, or $0.15. If they work 30 seconds or more, the agent will get paid for the complete minute, $0.30. All calls are recorded through our application, which is how we assure quality to our clients and accurate payment to our agents 

** PayPal is currently the only way we pay our agents.

More about the position:

  • Call center and customer service experience required. We are looking for great individuals with call center experience (specifically in Sales & Lead Generation/Qualification), to become part of our mobile call force.
  • You make your own hours. We have a unique structure that puts the power in your hands to decide when and where you work from (just as long as it’s a quiet place with a wifi connection–it can be your house, your grandma’s house, in Pennsylvania or Alaska)
  • There are no fees to work with VOIQ. This is an as-needed project-based position, where you work on your own time. There are no startup fees for our agents, nor are there any fees to be an agent with VOIQ. You make calls for us, we pay you – simple as that!
  • Approved agents are invited to all campaigns. If you are hired, you will not be entering a pool of agents who have to bid for a position. All hired agents are invited to work on campaigns as they become available
  • Choose the campaign you want to work on. There are typically multiple campaigns available at a time for you to select which on you work on. When one is complete, there are others available–if the case happens that there are no camapigns available, one will be launched within 24-48 hours time
  • Use PayPal to receive your payments.** Payments are requested through the app as long as you have a 1 dollar balance or more. Even more, there is no minimum amount of hours required for an agent to work with VOIQ, weekly or monthly.
    • What exactly does that mean for you? You can work for an hour in the morning, go to a doctor’s appointment, pick up the kids from school, or do laundry, then come back to the app and continue working, or not! It’s completely up to the agent to responsibly manage their time.

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