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Are you a clear, empathetic communicator with an innate sense of urgency & hustle? Do you get excited about taking audacious ideas, and transforming them into detailed projects with dozens of tasks and deadlines for your team to work toward? Are you a natural “systems” person who loves making processes more efficient and organized?

You know that achieving great things is 10% big idea, 90% execution — and that in order to make those great things a reality, someone (you) needs to keep all the trains running on time.

You’re looking for a role that allows you to flex your stellar communication & organizational skills, and your knack for project & operations management. You’re looking for teammates who’ll love you for your tendency to jump in & take the reins, your efficiency, and your obsessive attention to detail.

About us 👋

Hi! We’re Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop. We’re two independent marketing consultants for SaaS companies; Gia operates under her brand A Better CX (, and Claire operates under her brand Love Your Customers ( In addition to serving SaaS clients individually, we’re also the co-founders of Forget The Funnel ( a project that provides SaaS marketing employees the training & support they need to be successful in their roles.

Growing three separate brands is no easy task, and we need your help.

About the role 💻

This is a part-time, independent contractor position, and we estimate the workload will clock in around 10-20 hours weekly (at least, we think. We’re kinda guessing, TBH 🤷‍♀️). We’re hoping to start off with an hourly arrangement, then transition to a monthly retainer with you once all three of us have a better understanding of the actual time requirement.

This is also a remote position, so you’re free to work from anywhere in the world! Gia is based in Montreal, QC, while Claire is based in Atlanta, GA. If you’re in one of these cities, meeting up for the occasional coffee would be delightful — but we want the best person for the job regardless of location.

One caveat: we do work Eastern time zone hours, so you’ll want to be in a time zone that allows for meetings, check-ins, etc between 10am-4pm ET US & Canada.

Some of your typical responsibilities might include:

Business & ops management

* Continuously seeking (& implementing) ways to improve efficiency across our 3 brands

* Owning the process for generating, sending, and following up on invoices & ensuring timely payments

* Inputting business financial activity into a forecasting tool on a weekly basis

* Finding & removing unnecessary expenses from our monthly / yearly budgets

* Preparing client proposals and agreements

* Creating SOPs, training docs & screencasts

* Implementing the RACI framework for projects (both client projects and Forget The Funnel projects)

* Managing projects across all 3 brands, and keeping everything on schedule as they progress

* Purchasing personal gifts / thank-you gifts for clients, marketing partners, etc

* Recognizing opportunities to improve (and later outsource, if prudent) tasks and projects to assistants, specialists etc. For example: Inbox management, Personal appointment scheduling, Booking travel accommodations

Client & partner communications management

* Being the first point of contact for all client, partner and community needs including proposals, invoicing, follow-ups, weekly updates & support.

* Onboarding new clients — creating a workspace for each new client in project management software, setting communication expectations, etc

* Scheduling client kickoff calls & recurring check-in calls

* Compiling & sending weekly client updates

* Calendaring with clients, marketing partners, etc.

Here are the “must-haves” to be successful in this role:

– Previous professional experience in operations and / or project management.

– A++ Communication skills. You’re confident interfacing with CEOs of million-dollar companies, marketing professionals, and freelancers alike. You wouldn’t be caught dead making a grammatical error.

– Proactivity & hustle. When others have gone silent or created a roadblock, you (kindly) take initiative & nudge them on it. You take it upon yourself to keep conversations and projects moving forward.

– Critical thinking skills. You’re comfortable evaluating options and making decisions in the face of uncertainty, and later reporting back to your team on what worked, what didn’t work, and what you’ve learned.

– Organizational skills & attention to detail. Turning chaos into order makes your heart sing.

– You’re not an asshole. We strive to be generous and an absolute pleasure to work with. We’ll look for the same from you.

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