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This flexible consulting position includes making “SmartCalls” to targeted prospects. Our ideal candidate has a strong background in prospecting for leads selling complex software, development or consulting solutions.

Kaul Sales Partners represent management consultants, software developers, IT service firms and SaaS software companies, as well as other unique service companies from industries as diverse as brand marketing agencies, engineering staffing services to placemaking consulting.

We provide our clients with a suite of services unique in our industry that includes strategy, prospecting, pipeline management and closing services.

We need both strategic, and “in the trenches” sales capability, with a strong passion for personal accountability. Our consultants provide strategic value but focus primarily on bringing their expertise in making outbound calls focusing only on those high value prospects most likely to engage.

Please email details to about your approach to new business and why you would want this engagement. Consultants must include both a background work history and LinkedIn profile.

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