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Audio Transcription


$10 per audio hour. Monthly Bonus of $10 for every 3 hours completed.






  • Home-based job, work at your convenience
  • $10/audio hour pay rate, USD
  • Short files, 6 minutes or less
  • 2 hours TAT for each file
  • Promotion to Reviewer if performance is good
  • Monthly Bonus of $10 for every 3 hours completed
  • No obligations, no monthly commitments or withdrawal limits
  • Nothing is assigned; instead you pick and choose the files to work on

How to Apply

In order to apply, you need to have a verified PayPal account.

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Transcription Process

1. File Splitting: In the first step, the audio file is split at 6 minute intervals.

2. Raw Transcription: In this step, the audio for each part file is played back and transcribed as accurately and cleanly as possible. The incomprehensible parts are marked with blanks.

3. Review: During Review, the Raw Transcript is checked for correctness and quality. The audio file is played back again and each transcribed word is checked against the audio. The blanks are filled, if possible. Timestamps and speaker tracking are also added at this stage.

4. Proofreading: In this step all part files are collated together and the combined transcript is checked against the audio once more.

5. Quality Check: In the last step, the transcript is quality checked and either delivered to the customer or re-proofread.

The Freelance Transcription Program is applicable at steps 2 and 3, namely Raw Transcription and Review. It enables a certified transcriber to select part files and submit raw transcripts and/or review them. This system is fully online and it manages certification, file allocation, submission tracking, performance tracking and payments among other things. This system is designed to minimize the time and effort required for transcription and maximize the transcript quality.

A more detailed description of this process is available here.

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