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Search Engine Evaluation


$10-$14 per hour


Leapforce   - Search Engine Evaluator - Online Job - Work From Home


  • Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities
  • Excellent comprehension and written communication skills
  • Many Leapforce At Home independent agent assignments require fluency in a language other than English. For these assignments, independent agents will be required to pass a language assessment exam
  • Equipments
    • A personal computer running Google’s free Chrome web browser, version 31 or higher.
    • Up to date anti-virus and anti-spyware software
    • High speed internet access (Cable Modem, DSL, etc.)
    • You won’t need a headset.┬áThis is not a call center support position and you will never be required to make or receive telephone calls as part of your duties.

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How It Works

Search Engine Evaluators conduct research, evaluation and feedback on search engine results.

The results that users see when they search for something are very important to any business.

You will be measuring the relevance and usefulness of web pages in correlation to predefined queries, by providing comparative analysis of sets of search engine results and various other techniques.