Job Category

Research, Mystery Shopping


$3 – $15 per task. 



Field Agent is a company that uses crowd-sourcing and mobile technology to collect unique, real time data that helps their clients to gain insight and information how stores display and sell their products. So field agent basically recruits us to use their app on our smart phones to gather this data for these companies and pays us in return.

The Field Agent App works on iPhones and Androids and is used to post available tasks, and report the findings back to the company.

How It Works

  1. Download and Install the latest Field Agent App: Visit the iTunes App store or the Google Play store.  Field Agent is currently available on iOS and Android devices.
  2. Sign Up and Complete your Field Agent Profile: Complete the sign up process and once you have access you will be prompted to fill out a few profile questions. Make sure you complete these accurately, they are critical to making sure you see jobs in the system!
  3. Start looking for Jobs Near You: From the main navigation window tap the “Find Jobs” button to see the “Job Search” page. From here you can locate jobs through the “Jobs List” or through the ”Map View.” Select a job to see additional details and accept it. Once a job has been selected, you will have two hours to complete the task.  Be sure you’re near the objective before you start the task.

Field Agent jobs are on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, so make sure you check often. You will see available jobs in your area based on the filter settings of your general set-up, i.e. on how much of a distance you want to travel. You can sort your jobs by pay-out or by distance.

You can accept as many jobs as you wish, but remember that you have only 2 hours to complete the jobs. Once you arrive at the store, most jobs only take a few minutes to complete. If you fail to complete a job, you will not get paid.

Common Tasks

A common example of one of the jobs is an item price check with a photo. The App will instruct you to go to your local discount store, find a specific product, take a photo of it on the shelf and enter its price. This type of job is easy to complete, but is very important to companies who need insight on their competition.

Another simple job example is a survey. Clients often need the opinion of consumers just like you. Surveys are distributed in the same method as other jobs, except you can complete the job and make money from any location.

How To Apply

Visit the iTunes App store or the Google Play store  to download the app and get started.

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