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Are you motivated by the mission to help today s students find the right degree and career? Do you believe that unbiased information is key to keeping people from making decisions that will result in heavy student debt and going-nowhere careers? Do you want to reach millions of students that are trying to decide right this minute what they want to do with their lives? Well, we do too. Help us provide our students with high quality articles that will help them choose a path.

Here at, our quest is to write articles that help our users make smart, informed education and career decisions. Our articles are read by millions of students a month and refreshed every year to ensure their accuracy.

About Our Writers

Great, now on to the details: We re looking for passionate freelance writers to write original content that will contribute to our library of education and career articles. Our ideal writer is great at conducting online research, committed to providing high quality, accurate information and cares about the state of today s education and job market. In order to join our quest, you must answer these riddles (just kidding, but you do need to have the qualifications detailed below):

* A bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience

* Experience writing and/or editing unique online content

Fantastic! In exchange for your services on this quest, we provide:

* Reliable Payment: Timely, reliable payments twice a month

* Flexibility: The ability to work a flexible schedule, from home, in your PJs at 3 a.m. if you choose

* Support: Access to an incredibly supportive in-house team to answer your questions and lend a hand

* Warm Fuzzies: The satisfaction of helping millions of students each month on their own quests, whether it s learning about degree options, finding the perfect schools, or deciding if they want to change careers

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