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We have over 85 years of experience with premium audits in every state. We take client service seriously; and our clients’ priorities drive our business focus. Come join the best in the industry and become part of our growing team.

This is a work from home position in which incumbent’s responsibilities focus on the administering, planning, coordinating, and supporting of company’s Appraisal activities in a manner that is consistent with company policies, procedures, and performance standards.


  • Responsible for administering appointment routes for all Appraisers as efficiently as possible while making sure Appraisers are aware of set appointments.
  • Responsible for contacting Underwriters, Agents, and Insured’s for appointments while also making sure Appraisers’ monthly production goals are being met.
  • Responsible for updating online logs, while canceling and suspending requests when appropriate.
  • Responsible for communicating to management and Appraisers any changes or updates to schedules while keeping management and staff posted on any unusual situations, instructions, etc.


  • Ability to work from home in a professional manner.
  • Well organized with exceptional with communication skills.
  • Experienced and proficient with Microsoft office suite.


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