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Phone Sales, BPO, Call Center, Cold Calling

Pay: TBD


We are looking for an experienced appointment setter/sales development rep to contact prospective clients via email and scheduling appointments for them to speak with an Account Manager.

The selected providers will also be responsible for providing general customer and administrative support. Ideally, successful candidates will have experience working in a call center or traditional sales environment and reporting directly to a sales leader or team manager.

You will work directly with our VP of Sales in order to identify sales opportunities and transfer those opportunities to the appropriate salesperson.

Inside Sales Representative responsibilities are:

  • Submit Proposals for Our Upwork Agency
    You will be responsible for submitting proposals on Upwork for our Agency, in an attempt to generate new leads and clients for our company, as well as follow-up with inquiries from potential clients as needed
  • Research Prospects on LinkedIn
    You will be responsible for researching new contacts & target accounts using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Sending Outbound Emails
    You will be responsible for sending emails based on our proven templates to contact clients (both current and prospective), to answer any questions, schedule meetings with a salesperson or reschedule meetings as needed.
  • Place Outbound Calls
    On occasion, you will be required to call potential clients in order to determine the overall interest of the prospective client and eliminate clients who aren’t interested.
  • Keep Accurate Records
    You will be required to keep accurate records of each conversation, as well as indicate whether a prospective client is interested in our service or not.
  • Provide General Administrative Support
    When you aren’t emailing potential clients, you will provide general administrative support to the sales team such as: organize documents, creating contact lists and rearranging schedules as needed.

Inside Sales Representative requirements are:

Qualified candidates should be excellent communicators, and be comfortable speaking on the phone with potential clients and customers, as well as demonstrate the following skills and qualifications

  • Sales Skills Candidates need to have basic knowledge of sales principles, such as how to garner interest in our products and services.
  • Customer Service Experience Should have previous customer service experience, preferably in a call center environment. However, any kind of retail customer service is helpful for this position.
  • Data Entry Skills Successful candidate is skilled in data entry and can type at fast speeds with high accuracy
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills You will be required to speak with clients every day through both phone calls and emails. As such, candidate must have excellent interpersonal communication skills both verbal and written
  • Organization Skills You will need to work with the schedules of multiple salespeople. As such, you need to be highly organized and always know what’s going on with each salesperson/prospect/opportunity.

Company – SaasFast Technologies

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