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Marketing, Consulting, Operations




We’re a fully-remote Amazon Marketing Consultancy with global clients.

We require an Amazon VENDOR CENTRAL Expert to

* Help run online Training courses for our Clients

* Help manage & troubleshoot day-to-day Vendor Central issues for our global clients

You will be intimately familiar with:

* VC Operations

* VC Chargebacks

* Invoice Reconciliation

* Vendor Central catalog management

* ARA Basic & Premium

You must have fluent written & spoken English.

Please answer ALL questions and send a link to your LinkedIn profile to the mentioned email address.

* In which timezone do you prefer to work?

* What is your approximate hourly rate?

* What is your approximate weekly rate for a guaranteed long-term 20 hour per week remote contract?

* What do you like about working remotely?

* What do you NOT like about working remotely?

* What remote working tools have you used? (Asana, Slack etc)

* If you’re NOT a native English-speaker, how did you achieve Fluency in English?

* Please rate your spoken English on a scale out of 10.

* Please rate your written English on a scale out of 10.

* Do you currently have a day job with fixed hours? If so, tell us about it.

* Tell us about your last/previous day job.

* What was your best experience as a contractor/freelancer?

* What was your worst experience as a contractor/freelancer?

* What are you great at?

* What do you struggle with? What do you need to work on?

* Give us an overview of your Amazon Vendor Central experience?

* Do you have any experience of providing Training to others? If not, are you open to doing so?

* Your LinkedIn Profile URL:

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