Job Category: Virtual Admin

Location: Work from anywhere (U.S.)


$15-20 per hour.


Strategic Marketing Solutions is looking for a part-time admin to work with our project manager to support our client’s with marketing admin tasks, including managing client websites in WordPress (basic understanding of HTML & CSS), setting up email funnels, managing blogs and podcasts (including basic SEO on pages and posts — understanding of onsite SEO is important) and organizing client content into programs, books and eBooks, etc. 

This team member will also support our clients with calendar management, basic social media management, and managing email marketing campaigns in programs like MailChimp or InfusionSoft. 

Team members work virtually from their home office or co-work space. This position features a very flexible work arrangement and working hours. Because of this flexibility, accessibility and ongoing communication is very important to ensuring we deliver great service to our clients.  You must have work-at-home experience and worked extensively in WordPress and Basecamp to qualify for this position.

This contract position pays $15-$20 / hour, depending on experience. Right now, I’m looking to start you out at 20-40 hours / month, and that will likely grow over the coming months. You will need your own computer, software, phone and high-speed internet connection in order to perform responsibilities related to this position. 

Proficient knowledge in the following programs:

  • WordPress (Basic HTML and CSS experience is a plus)
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point
  • Database Management (our system is Highrise)
  • OAP / Ontraport / InfusionSoft (Email Marketing Program and shopping cart)
  • Basecamp (our project management tool)
  • Google Drive
  • Freshbooks (our time tracking and invoicing program)
  • HootSuite
  • Typing: 45wpm+

The ideal candidate will possess:

  • Excellent communication skills: Good feedback and follow-up skills; ability to ask good questions, communicate concerns, explain challenges, and follow-up as necessary to achieve goals.
  • Smarts and initiative: Our job is to help our clients grow their businesses, and we do that by finding better ways to be efficient, uncovering new avenues of growth, discovering new angles to connect with the marketplace, and more.  Communicating with each other, being mindful of outcomes (and not just “checking off a task”) helps us to continually raise the bar and go beyond our clients’ expectations to serve them well.  We want them to rave!
  • Strong organizational skills, with a penchant for managing details. We are very organized.  You need to like that.  And you need to want to align with good systems and processes; in fact, we want you to participate in making our systems and processes BETTER.  It’s important that you have a good sense of time management and the ability to see projects through to completion.  We will be counting on you!
  • Self-motivation and a strong sense of personal responsibility: You will not be micro-managed.  It’s important that you are self-managed, with the ability to keep track of your tasks and take initiative to ensure that you keep projects on track and on time.
  • Computer savvy in the basic sense: You need to know your way around a computer environment very comfortably – no specific software requirements but a fast typing speed and the confidence that no new software will massively daunt you (given a chance to play with it) is crucial.
  • A great attitude.  To be a good fit for our team, you need to want to learn, make a difference and play your part in making the team and our deliverables better.  You will matter to the team, and it’s important that you are enthusiastic about being part of something “bigger” than you are.

Additional Requirements:

Team members need their own equipment and software, and to have ongoing high speed internet access. Email should be checked hourly during work hours and follow-up for all incoming emails should be handled within 4 hours, for most cases.  Team members need their own computers and copies of software as needed.

Scheduling notation: Our busiest days are M-TH, Fridays being a “light” day

About Our Team

We are looking for experienced virtual team members who have a love for the kind of work we do, the technical abilities to serve our clients well, a penchant for great customer service, excellent teamwork skills, the ability to get along with all types of personalities (especially strong ones!), and the flexibility to grow with us as the company grows.

The VA / freelance pool that we tap to be part of our team is made up of all sorts of fantastic, skilled entrepreneurs like you who have chosen the profession because of the flexibility the career offers, including setting their own hours, picking and choosing the projects they take, getting a better hourly rate for their time, working from home, and exercising a certain amount of control over their professional lives. I, too, went into business for many of these same reasons and I have great respect for them.

Our goal is to work with team members whose values, work schedule, and mode of doing business resembles our own. In my experience, ensuring that this alignment exists up front helps us create a win-win relationship that is fulfilling for the team and serves our clients well. This profile will help you understand our expectations and the expectations of our clients, and help us learn how we could best utilize your skills and expertise. If, after you fill out this profile, you are resonating with our requirements and excited about working with us, we likely will be, too! And if you feel that maybe there are things that you are uncomfortable committing to, we completely respect that and appreciate that you took the time to help us discern that up front so that we don’t create a relationship full of resistance or disappointment.

How to Apply

Click here to download the VMT Profiler. Please email profiler and resume to

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