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The Live Session Instructor is responsible for the academic success of students enrolled in an online course in accordance with program and course objectives and course syllabi. Each Live Session Instructor should be highly knowledgeable about the subject matter for their assigned course, and maintain expertise in the subject area. The live session instructor is expected to actively monitor and track individual student progress and provide support and direction as needed, both during the class and outside of class as needed and appropriate.

All BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons courses are taught from a Master Syllabus that are designed by the course designer, in consultation with faculty. All syllabi are approved by the School of Social Work curriculum committee and all faculty are expected to execute to the competencies and practice behaviors that each course claims in compliance with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® Standards. Simmons values the disciplinary competency faculty bring to the course and to students through feedback and insight provided. Any course modifications must be discussed with and approved by the appropriate Course Lead, with final approval from the Program Director prior to implementation.

Live Session Instructors use their experience and knowledge to help students meet the course objectives.
It is expected that each Live Section Instructor will spend approximately 9-12 hours per week facilitating live session instruction, providing support to students, evaluating required written assignments, reviewing asynchronous course materials, and preparing for live sessions.
130 minutes of weekly live session facilitation and teaching
1 to 1.5 hours for out of classroom electronic support and scheduled appointments with students
1.5 hours to 3 hours prepping for teaching
Attend 3 mandatory course meetings per term with course lead. These meetings are up to 1 hour each in length and are scheduled over an 11 week term.
Up to 4-5 hours per week grading and assessing other student product.

Specific Duties:

* Teach material from approved curriculum in accordance with the syllabus and course design

* Assume responsibility for the academic supervision and teaching of enrolled students

* Attendance at regularly scheduled, mandatory course lead meetings

* Attendance at one whole faculty meeting per term

* Provide full coverage for all scheduled synchronous sessions/live sessions

* Participate in and lead asynchronous discussions and didactic sessions

* Maintain and evaluate records of student’s academic and field experience performance within the grading systems of the Learning Management System (LMS) and the college

* Provide meaningful and timely feedback on asynchronous and required written assignments. All feedback must be provided within 7-10 days of assigned due dates for submission

* Maintain all administrative/academic components of the course section, including grading of assignments, exams and appropriate clinical activities

* Maintain communication, both online and virtual/in person if possible and desired, with Course Lead on a regular basis regarding course and student-related performance, problems and concerns

* Respond in a clear and well-expressed manner to student questions within 24-48 hours

* Foster and encourage an online culture of learning that values professionalism, accountability, empathy, life-long learning, respect for diversity, and ethically-minded practice, as well as personal and professional development

General Qualifications:

* MS & BCBA® required

* PhD in Behavior Analysis preferred

* At least 5+ years of BCBA® experience preferred

* Graduate level teaching experience preferred

* Online teaching exposure/experience preferred

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