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This is a flexible, online position. The Accreditation Specialist/Consultant is responsible for working with the President, Directors, Academic Committee and Accreditation Committee for planning and coordinating activities for licensing and accreditation.

The primary job responsibilities include: virtual collaboration with relevant institution members to prepare national or state certification applications; using expertise to monitor and advise about professional licensing and accreditation requirements; and gathering statistical data and information to prepare concise and well-written reports and documents. This individual will be required to stay abreast of evolving requirements, and to recommend and develop practices and innovations leading to the institutional ability to respond to these requirements.

The Accreditation Specialist/Consultant will be responsible for report generation and the collection of data required for completing outcomes reports needed for regulatory submissions used by the faculty in determining if established program outcomes are achieved. This position will also be responsible for working with the faculty to prepare annual program improvement plans and preparing reports for the annual review by the senior management.

Major Areas of Accountability – Regulatory

• Works with various managers to oversee, lead, and maintain continuous compliance

• Completes accreditation applications

• Completes annual reports required to maintain licenses and authorizations

• Attends conferences, professional meetings, workshops, trainings on self-study, and classes required to maintain or enhance competencies for professional development needed for this position

Major Areas of Accountability – Outcomes

• Outcomes assessment data and information needed in the preparation of reports

• Monitors the assessment system to ensure that it is aligned with the requirements of the DEAC and state
departments of education

• Assumes responsibility for the creation of the institutional assessment plan, program assessment plans, and the measures for assessing student learning

• Coordinates the annual reviews of assessment by program

• Coordinates outcomes data for submission of annual regulatory reports

Knowledge and Skills Required

• Minimum B.S. Degree in Business, Education Administration, Higher Education, or related field

• Minimum of four years of successful experience in accreditation, compliance, regulatory compliance, quality
assurance, certifications and/or licensing or comparable qualifications

• Strong analytical skills

• Excellent project management skills

• Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills

• A broad knowledge of postsecondary educational institutions is a plus

• Must be able to meet deadlines in a timely manner

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in a virtual environment

• Works well with management, peers, and subordinates

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