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Business Consultant, Education & Training


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We take pride in creating some of the best online business programs in the world, from Zero to Launch to Call to Action and many more. And we’re just getting started.

We are looking for an online business coach to join our GrowthLab Acceleratorteam, and guide our community of committed students to create and grow their online businesses.

You should not only have a deep understanding of business and positioning, but also the psychology behind it. Specifically, you’ll be coaching students on how to refine their business ideas, navigate through immersion, improve their email and sales conversion rates, etc.

As an Accelerator Coach, you will join our Product Team and see how we’ve created 15 successful products, including our unique take on human behavior and psychology. You will learn more about human psychology in 3 months than you have in your entire career.

You’ll interact with hundreds, and eventually thousands of students on a daily basis through our private community, live coaching calls, emails, phone calls, etc. You’ll review and help them grow their business, answer their questions and facilitate discussions in our private community. Ideally, you already have experience with, and enjoy, teaching beginners.

Skills & Experience

* You are passionate about online business. You may have even started your own business or continue to run your own successful online business.

* Ideally, you have joined our Zero to Launch (ZTL) and Call to Action (CTA) programs and know the material inside and out. Preference will be given to those who have signed up for several IWT courses and know them inside and out.

* You are familiar with the IWT philosophy and share a similar approach to online business and copywriting.

* You are a great teacher and communicator. You are a master at breaking down complex topics into simple concepts, and can communicate them in a way that beginners can understand.

Key Responsibilities

– Lead several coaching calls weekly to help students discover and validate their business idea, and also answer questions about online business.

– Provide feedback and answer questions in the Accelerator Facebook Group. You will be active daily in responding
to discussions about business ideas, sales strategy and sales sequences.

– In terms of time investment, you will be spending:

* 4 – 6 hours/week on coaching calls

* 8 – 10 hours/week providing feedback & answering questions in the community

* 2 – 4 hours reviewing questions for coaching calls and providing feedback.

– You will help students with

* Finding and validating their online business idea.

* Going through immersion and identifying their customer’s pain points and desires.

* Selecting the right target audience, so they have the best chance of making sales.

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