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SEO, Writing


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JustAnswer is seeking an experienced and flexible writer who can help us build out new content offerings and drive traffic to our site. We are an established tech company with a treasure trove of user-generated content, and we’re building a team of writers who can harness raw content and turn it into engaging, reader-facing copy.

Our web writer will work closely with a small team of writers under the supervision of a managing editor. The writer will develop content for projects with a proven track record of success, but also be given the freedom to pursue ideas that demonstrate compelling business cases. For this position, we’re seeking an exceptional communicator who thinks quickly and moves even quicker, a self-starter who enjoys collaborating closely with others, and a critical thinker who is constantly thinking of the big picture.

We offer the ability to work 40+ hours/week on a flexible timetable. The position is remote/telecommute.


* Work closely with a small team of writers creating content that speaks to people

* Juggle multiple projects concurrently and deliver consistent results on a quarterly basis

* Use industry tools to track performance of content and triage underperforming content

* Innovate on new content ideas that respond to changes in the competitive landscape and position the company as a leader in the field


* Bachelor’s degree in relevant field or commensurate experience

* Background in journalism or similar field preferred

* Proven track record of stellar writing, editing, and critical thinking skills

* Resourcefulness as a learner; you understand what you don’t know and are eager to gain more expertise

* Familiarity with SEO best practices

* Understanding of SEO tools preferred but not required


* Pay is $16-$19 / hour, depending on experience

* Position is contract

* Telecommute, with flexible hours and the ability to work 40 hour weeks

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