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We are looking for a responsible and resourceful virtual assistant to join our team. Working remotely, the virtual assistant will organize and update files, answer calls and emails, and assist in creating presentation and sales materials. The ideal candidate should be tech savvy, able to communicate through multiple channels, and super organized. The virtual assistant will also be responsible for arranging travel itineraries, flights, and rooms, as well as tracking and managing expenses and payments.

Virtual Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

* Answer and direct phone calls

* Organize correspondence and answers emails

* Research materials and sources for presentations

* Prepare and organize databases and reports

* Manage social media accounts and replies

* Handle confidential employer and client information

* Take notes or transcribe meetings

* Arranges travel itineraries, books flights, car rentals, and hotel rooms

* Schedules meeting spaces and conference rooms

* Arrange payments for vendors, travel, and sales expenses

* Create purchase orders, track and manage payments

* Present excellent customer-service skills with customers and clients

* Schedule meetings and arrange employer’s calendar

* Deliver messages and mail on behalf of employer

* Manage filing systems, update records, and organize documentation

* Prepare and create PowerPoint presentations and materials as needed

Virtual Assistant Requirements and Qualifications

* High School diploma or equivalent; Associate’s or bachelor’s degree preferred

* Two (2) years’ previous experience handling assistant or administrative responsibilities, or experience in customer service or related field preferred

* Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel); scheduling appointments/updating calendars

* Experience with Google Docs, cloud services, and other technology tools

* Knowledgeable in technology to communicate via computer, smartphone, or text

* Highly organized multitasker who works well with fast-paced directions and instructions

* Demonstrates excellent time management

* Able to organize and manage large amounts of files, tasks, schedules, and information

* Self-directed and able to work without supervision

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills

* Strong customer-service and presentation skills

* Able to work nights, weekends, extended hours, and holidays as needed

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