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Administrative, Virtual Admin


19.00 USD / Hourly


“My assistant is my counterpart. They’re integral to my success. They help to manage me and my priorities. They protect me from the overwhelming number of inputs and distractions by being a gatekeeper and filter. They help me execute my vision by helping to keep me focused on the things that are most important, by eliminating the temptation to be distracted by the things which are not important.

The qualities that are most important to me: mutual-respect and commitment to the other’s success, loyalty, being impeccable with your word, positivity, kindness, humility, and gratitude.

I believe I need an assistant who is an extension of myself. Someone who shares a deep connection with a similar set of core values and who can communicate on my behalf in a way that represents me well. I need someone who is open to new challenges, can learn quickly, embraces technology, is not afraid to make a mistake but learns from them as we go, someone who can give me honest feedback in a constructive way and receive the same kind of candid feedback with an open mind ready to grow.”

At we provide apparel, accessories and much more to colleges. We also have South xSea music, an independent label. In 2016, South x Sea was included on the Inc. List of Fastest Growing-Companies in America and awarded “Small Business of the Year” by the Nashville Business Journal. The company is positioned for continued growth and innovation both in music and merchandising.

In this role you’ll be scheduling, handling email inbox, responding to incoming emails, voicemails, etc., assisting with prioritization of tasks, and many other functions.

We’re looking for someone with these skills and qualities:

* Very tech savvy, loves working with apps, programs to make business more efficient

* Uses Google Suite

* Top-notch organizational skills

* Familiar with Facebook stats, can create dashboards.

* Mailchimp or CRM experience

* WordPress experience

* Evernote

* A strong action-taker

Position details

* The position will begin at around 15-20 hrs per week and may expand to 30 hrs per week as the work progresses.

* The starting pay rate for this position is $19/hr.

* This is a a long term contract position.

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