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Since 1986 LERETA’s nationwide team of real estate tax and flood professionals has provided the mortgage and insurance industries the fastest, most accurate and complete access to property tax and flood information across the nation. With 5.8 million tax loans and over 12 million flood loans under service, LERETA is an industry leader committed to service excellence and providing cost-effective solutions to customers.


The Tax Searcher performs and ensures the accurate assignment and maintenance of agency tax identifications (parcel numbers) for each contract (loan) under service in accordance with Report Processing priorities. Looks for parcel numbers that are assigned to the property – The Tax Searcher also acquires tax information for C-service and delinquency reporting in a timely and accurate manner

Tax Identification Assignment

* Using Tax rolls, assessor’s maps, or other indices from contract property addresses/and or legal documents, ensures that all tax agencies and tax identification numbers are accurately identified and assigned to new and existing contracts under service based on systems due dates.

* Performs Quality control (QC) in both Tax Searching Queues and other projects assigned.

Tax Data Maintenance

* Guided by established system due dates, ensures that all tax agencies and tax identification numbers are updated accurately within the Tax Data Maintenance system.

* Utilizes audits for data integrity on hit code contracts, lien indexes and other LERETA master file validations.

Report Processing Department Support

* Based on Report Processing Department priorities, obtains and documents tax amount and delinquency information through field trips, websites, written and telephone correspondence with agencies.

Communication within Internal Teams

* Assertively communicates status of assignments and any opportunities for improving department’s performance to the appropriate lead person or manager with the organization.

* Responds within 48 hrs to customer inquiries and resolve research requests within guidelines.

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