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We created Vox to solve a problem in the news business. We’ve spent too much time in the media burying the important under the new. We want to explain the news to people by giving them the relevant content and context they need, when they need it and where they will find it.

To support these efforts, we’re looking for a freelance social media producer to help run our brand Facebook and Twitter accounts. You should be able to adhere to the Vox voice and tone on social media, and make complex news accessible and informative for our audience on social media.

Tasks and responsibilities include:

* Run Vox’s social media accounts, leading to increase in followers, engagement, and site referrals

* Occasionally help with event coverage (such as debates, awards shows, etc) live on social

* Curate content and create posts that will get high engagement on social

* Provide feedback to writers and editors on headlines and social share images

* Push and create content for other platforms as needed

Skills and experience our ideal candidate has:

* Proven track record running social for major media outlets or brands

* Incredible attention to detail and intolerance for errors

* Creative writer able to execute social posts quickly under pressure

* Extensive knowledge of mainstream social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

* Keen news judgement and a background in journalism

* The ability to concisely explain complicated news story on social platforms

The social media producer will be a part of the Vox Engagement team, whose focus is to increase traffic to the site, increase loyalty, tell off-platform stories and provide meaningful opportunities for the Vox audience to engage with Vox staff and other readers. We are an integrated newsroom so you will be working closely with the Vox editorial and product staff.

This position will start at 10 hours per week with the opportunity to take on more, as dictated by our staff needs. An ability and willingness to work some holidays and weekends is a plus. This position will be paid hourly and is fully remote; there is no need to be in a Vox office, however if you’re located in Washington D.C., you’re welcome to work out of our office here.

To apply, please submit the following items:

* A 140-character cover letter (DO NOT SEND a traditional cover letter)

* Your resume

* A list of the social accounts for a brand, media org, etc that you currently manage (or examples of posts from when you did manage)

* 3 examples of how you would share/promote this recent Vox story: “Gun violence in America, explained in 17 maps and charts”

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