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Do you know anyone that had a good experience with the Government? We don’t.

Citizen is a 5 years old B2C technology company acting as an interface between the Government and citizens enabling a frictionless experience for specific government applications.

We meticulously create products that bring tremendous value to our customers on top of bringing cutting edge innovations in term of technology and user experience.

Citizen strives to keep its start-up and creative environment it had when it started by using lean methodology, a growth mindset, recent software stack and disruptive offices setup.

Our team is composed only of talented people that share and want to participate in our long-term vision that Government should be simpler.

We are looking for highly self-motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset. We look for innovators who aspire to join a creative and hard-working team.

We want someone who is passionate in Search Engine Marketing. Some of your daily job duties are described as follow:

* Optimize company e-commerce metrics through A/B testing, Data Analysis and customer feedback

* Manage and Optimize pay per click marketing campaigns on AdWords and BingAds

* Write compelling ad copy that drives outstanding CTR and Conversion Rates that can be proven in A/B ad text tests

* Monitor competition for changes in bid strategy and ad copy changes

* Discover hidden keyword opportunities through analyzing search terms and competitor campaigns

* Eliminating wasted spend by finding untargeted and underperforming keywords

* Define bids that produce the maximum profitability by determining appropriate mix between Profit Margin and Sales Volume

* Analyze performance data to find trends and opportunities for improvement and areas of weakness with accounts, campaigns, ad groups and extensions

* Create A/B and Multivariate landing page tests to continually improve conversion rates

* Recommend and Set Up proper tools to optimize PPC expenses and ROI

* Monitor PPC metrics consistently, setup the proper alerts and trigger proper departments in case of discrepancy

* Conduct Keyword research to define keyword targets using various keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest

* Ensure proper on page SEO and internal linking structure of sites following best practices

* Develop engaging content to increase keyword coverage as well as drive link acquisition using pieces like How to Guides, Infograhics, data visualizations, blog posts etc.

* Conduct targeted outreach to high profile and niche web properties to increase media coverage and acquire links

* Measure and conduct A/B test to increase rankings and drive business results including lead collection and direct sales.

* Create and manage a content production/editorial schedule including creating content ideas and managing outsourced writing team

* Conduct Link Analysis to find broken links, redirect and cross linking opportunities

* Analyze site usage and user flow to find opportunities for improved engagement


* Excellent knowledge of PPC Channels like Adwords, Bing, Facebook Ads to constantly experiment new ads, monitor them and increase overall performances of the campaign

* Working knowledge of A/B Testing tools like Optimizely, Google Experiments, Unbounce and Landing Page Optimization

* Skilled with Excel and Data mining

* Experience working in an Agile/SCRUM environment

* Javascript/HTML/CSS knowledge is a plus

* Data driven

* Open-minded

* Quick adaptation to new situations

* Self-improvement is your mantra

* Must be good with numbers

* Hands-on


* Medical insurance

* Vision insurance

* Dental insurance

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