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Video Editing


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About is dedicated to making education accessible by providing short, engaging educational videos across all subject areas. Millions of students watch our videos to improve their grades or earn credit.

We’re adding hundreds of new videos to our site each month. We’re rapidly growing and in need of additional video editors interested in helping us expand our video library. Our aim is to add thousands more videos to our site and we hope you can help!

What we’re looking for in our video editors:

* Experience with advanced video editing software (e.g., Final Cut Pro & Premiere Pro)

* Experience with motion graphic software (e.g., After Effects)

* Availability to work in a fast-paced environment and a drive to create a huge number of videos

* Experience with Content Management Systems is not required, but is a plus

What the role entails:

* Edit audio files to improve sound quality and remove mistakes

* Create or modify graphics to make our lessons fun and memorable

* Add on-screen text and labels to engage our students

Perks of the role:

* Payment: Receive timely, reliable payments twice a month ($14 per minute of edited video).

* Stability: ´╗┐We have a nearly endless queue of videos we want to produce.

* Flexibility: The ability to work when you want, as much as you want.

* Convenience: This is a remote role. Work from wherever you want.

* Support: Access to an incredibly helpful in-house team available to answer your questions.

* Impact: Millions of students use our videos to improve their grades, earn college credit and advance in their careers!

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