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Maritz CX conducts consumer research studies by phone. We represent major corporations in industries like automotive, financial, and telecommunications.

We are an outbound call center with At-Home interviewers conducting survey questions which are to be read exactly as they are seen. Customer responses are generally inputted into the computer using numeric keys or the mouse. For Quality and Training purposes all calls are recorded.

By using the employee’s reliable phone with clear reception, the Maritz dialer system contacts the customers automatically. There is never any long distance or local charges as a result of doing this position.

In order to assure Quality and Consistency of every survey, Interviewers must follow directions, procedures, and instructions exactly while also using time effectively. They must have minimal time off from their schedule.

We do not accept applicants currently working for other Market Research industries. If discovered during employment, termination will be effective immediately.

Qualification Requirements:

* Good basic reading skills

* Clear English ensure customer understanding

* Explicitly follow verbal and written instructions

* Friendly and professional in all situations

* High tolerance for repetitive tasks

* Self-motivation to achieve production and quality goals

* Excellent Attendance Equipment

Work Station Requirements:

* Broadband connection to the internet – Reliable and high speed

* PC with Microsoft 2000 & Internet Explorer Version 5.0 or better

* Telephone with clear and reliable reception

* Active e-mail account

* Secure and private workspace

* Workspace quiet and free of background noise

* Workspace safe and free of hazards

* Access to or willingness to secure a noise cancelling headset

Other things to consider:

* Must maintain client confidentiality at all times

* Must follow company policies and procedures at all times

* No caring for anyone while at work including children, parents, etc.

Training: Employees must pass the paid training to be considered an At Home Interviewer. Training includes interviewing techniques and procedures, customer sensitivity awareness, and company policies.

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