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Job Description

The pre-work teaching assistant will be responsible for managing the tracking and completion of pre-work for incoming students as well as cultivating the relationship between the student and Metis. As part of this, the TA should take a proactive stance on engaging with and motivating students to ask questions during designated pre-work office hours, keeping the student informed of any upcoming deadlines, and being a champion of Metis.

Other responsibilities will include:

* Understand the pre-work content and the goals of each section so you can clearly communicate the expectations to students. Ideally, learn where students may run into problems with pre-work and be prepared to address the issues.

* Work w/ Admissions to manage pre-work tracking sheet for every cohort, including providing feedback on submissions. The TA is responsible for sending out quizzes via HackerRank, contacting students who are behind due dates, flagging students who are underperforming, and helping to develop a strategy to get the student on track before the start of the cohort.

* Communicate pre-work deadlines, sending calendar invites and including additional reminders in Slack.

* Set up private slack channels for each student with yourself, the Instructors, and the Admissions team member. This allows for 1:1 communication between the student and support/instructional staff.

* Schedule and adhere to weekly office hours for each location. Communicate office hours with students on a regular basis – including letting them know when office hours have started and when they end. Utilize the #prework_challenges channel for Office Hours.

* Participate in admissions interviews for the data science bootcamp as needed.

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