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We are an independent educational publishing company developing a math curriculum for elementary, middle school and high school students. We are seeking tutors who have experience working in a math tutoring center to provide feedback on the curriculum.

For example, if you were reviewing the 4th grade math curriculum, we would want feedback based on your in-class experience on how “teachable” the sections are to remedial, at grade level and advanced students, whether or not the workload is appropriate for the grade level and how easy it would be for instructors to understand and implement the curriculum in a small group learning environment.


* Two or more years of experience working in a private math tutoring center

* Able to imagine using the new curriculum in a small group-learning environment to provide constructive, detailed feedback

* Able to either meet in the San Mateo, CA area or communicate effectively by phone


This is short-term consulting work and the total number of hours will depend on your experience level. If you’ve taught a range of grade levels then you may be able to review more of the curriculum. Hourly pay will be based on experience.

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To apply, please submit both a resume and a brief cover letter to jobs [AT] Please indicate your hourly rate and please include the resume and cover letter in the BODY of the email. Copy and paste is fine. No attachments please!

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