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Virtual Assistant


To be discussed.


About the company:

Lead Cookie is a done-for-you productized service for Linkedin. (Watch the video on the home page to really understand what we do).

Basically, we do outbound prospecting on our clients Linkedin Profiles and manage their Linkedin Inbox to generate leads.

We are a young bootstrapped company with 3 team members. We are still in beta but just signed our first 10 paying accounts. We have one account manager on board already and you will be augmenting them.

We expect to have at least 25 accounts signed on by the end of September and our goal is to reach 50 accounts by the end of 2017.

If you want to go work for a small, fast growing startup, then this is the place to be.


Purpose: Freedom

* The actions we take create more freedom, not less for team members, clients & owners.


* Life > Work

* Lifelong learning

* Underpromise, Overdeliver

* Positive thinking

* Mutually Beneficial Transactions

What the job is:

You will be acting as an account manager. That means you will be actively running their Linkedin Account and giving our client daily and weekly updates on the new inbound leads on their profile.

You will have a virtual assistant from the Philippines working underneath you to handle some of the more monotonous aspects of managing our account.

Your purpose is to keep our clients happy and handle some of the higher level tasks for their account.

Useful skills to have are:

Social Media, Linkedin, B2B Sales, Copywriting, Marketing, Organization, Detail Oriented, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation

When it starts:

We will be looking to make our first hire in late-August to early-September. We expect to hire multiple account managers over the next 6 months.

What to expect:

* A full 40 hour work week.

* You have the ability for a flexible schedule but need to spend at least 5 hours of each day during standard 9-5 business hours.

* We are open to flexible schedules (Ex. Our operations manager works a 4 day work week and fills in extra time on nights and weekends)

* As the first word of your cover letter please write the word “Banana”

* This position is great for stay at home parents, digital nomads, or anyone seeking more freedom or flexibility in life.


* Compensation starts at $2,500 per month with the opportunity for a raise at 60 days.

* Position does not include benefits.

* You will be hired as a 1099 contractor and not a W2 employee.

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