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Are you the one your friends go to for dating and relationship advice? Are you constantly checking your horoscope, or sharing your latest self-care routine on Instagram? Do you keep up on the latest women’s health trends, and love learning new hacks and tips for your daily routine? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are Bustle Lifestyle material.

Currently, Bustle is seeking creative remote part-time writers to contribute to our Lifestyle vertical with unique service, evergreen content three days per week during regular office hours. Coverage will include sex and relationships, health, mental health, and astrology.

Applicants should have at least 2+ years of writing experience (internships/blogging count), with a proven ability to consistently brainstorm innovative pitches with unique angles. Candidates must also display a strong, individual voice with an understanding of feminism, body positivity, and inclusivity. Having relationships with lifestyle experts (dating & relationship experts, doctors, therapists, life coaches, astrologers, etc.) is a bonus, but not required.


* Submit between 2-4 evergreen lifestyle articles per shift

* Source and interview lifestyle experts for articles

* Brainstorm relevant pitches with interesting service angles to be submitted weekly

* Offer fresh angles to make evergreen pieces fun and new


* 2+ years of experience writing for an online publication

* A proven ability to brainstorm a high quantity of innovative pitches and unique angles with a quick turnaround
Excellent communication skills, not only in tracking down sources but maintaining correspondence with editors

* Ability to juggle multiple articles at a time, switching between topics when necessary

* An interest in writing evergreen articles with service angles

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