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Education & Training, Online Teaching, Math & Economics, Science


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View High School is a flexible, cost-effective online high school for non-traditional students. We are looking for instructors who are passionate about helping students succeed. As a View High School instructor, you’ll be part of a dynamic team of educators that works together to ensure student success. This position is remote and part-time: work from the comfort of your own home, setting flexible hours that fit your schedule.

View High School is a subsidiary of ed tech leader View High School courses leverage’s engaging video lessons to teach the material. The video lessons are paired with written assignments and customized interventions from instructors.

As an instructor you will:

* Re-teach and elaborate on concepts that students are struggling with

* Grade and provide feedback on student assignments

* Craft engaging discussion prompts and guide student discussions on an online forum

* Find creative ways to engage students in topics

* Participate in regular professional development with other View High School staff

* Communicate with students several times per week, primarily over email but also over phone and video

* Work with other View High School staff to determine teaching best practices and student interventions

Instructor Characteristics

* Passionate about helping students learn difficult topics and develop skills for post-secondary success

* Comfortable with technology and online learning best practices

* Always learning and improving instructional practices

* Able to understand and analyze student data and use it to improve instruction

* Self-directed and communicative in a remote working environment


* Available to work at least 20 hours per week. Hours will vary based on the number of students enrolled in your courses. Some of your hours must be within our business hours, which are 9:00 am -5:00 pm PT, Monday-Friday

* Bachelor’s degree

* Minimum 24 college credits in your subject area. We are currently looking for Math, Biology, and Economics instructors

* Teacher certification or private school teaching experience

* Provide fingerprints and pass a background check

* Please note: you will be employed through the staffing agency TargetCW on behalf of View High School

Why work for View High School?

* Help students all over the world earn their high school diploma

* Join on the ground floor of a new school that is revolutionizing high school education for non-traditional students

* Work from home

* Earn competitive pay (starting rate is $18/hour)

* Receive feedback from students and parents who have been impacted by your instruction.

– “I believe your exceptional level of communication and View High School’s class offering format has helped my child perform at a significantly higher level than in previous years.”

– “I’m so happy I got those right! I hadn’t realized how easy those were for me to solve till yesterday!”

– “Thanks for the explanation. It is neat seeing algebra in geometry as I’m going through this course.”

– “What a great idea for a forum post. This is going to be fun. I really like the posts from N and J [two fellow students]. I have been throwing ideas in my head about where to go next…It is cool that my Spanish teacher is getting in on the fun.”

– “Yes! I think I understand how to do it a lot better now, thank you!!!!”

About View High School

View High School was founded in 2016 and is the final stages of becoming regionally accredited through AdvancEd. Our mission is simple: We are a flexible, cost-effective high school for non-traditional students. We graduate students who have proven college-readiness and critical thinking skills by taking college-level courses.

We believe learning should be:

* Self-directed: We promote an asynchronous learning plan that allows students to take charge of their own learning. We believe that by empowering students to ‘own’ their learning experiences they gain the skills and habits needed to be lifelong learners.

* Individualized: We believe that every student is unique. By providing high quality multi-modal learning options students can create the learning experience that best suits their style and goals.

* Supported: We guide students through their coursework to help them develop the discipline to stay on track and the confidence to keep pushing themselves. We believe ongoing support and communication helps students stay engaged in an online learning environment.

* Engaging: We believe the best learning takes place when students think critically about their learning. Engaged students demonstrate their engagement through participation in thoughtful interactions with instructors and peers, self-motivation, and self-reflection about their own learning. An engaging learning environment strengthens student outcomes and prepares students for lifelong success.

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