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The team combines behavioral methods, analytics, technology and experienced facilitation to help clients tackle their toughest challenges. Business Chemistry is a proprietary system for understanding similarities and differences in workstyles so we can create stronger working relationships, more effectively tap into team strengths, and accomplish more together.

Work you’ll do

We’re looking for an Editorial/Research Assistant to help with the development of a book on Business Chemistry. You’ll provide support for two authors within the team and will also interact with other team members as well as our publisher.

As the Editorial/Research you’ll help with a wide array of tasks including but not necessarily limited to responding to research requests, identifying and organizing citations, conducting simple data analysis, mocking up basic visuals, consolidating and responding to editorial comments, tracking versions, revisions, and other notes, managing the overall book timeline and plan, and proof-reading.

Not only will you work as an individual contributor with pre-assigned tasks, but also as a flexible team player, attending meetings (typically via phone, occasionally in person), and supporting ad hoc requests from the team. The ideal candidate will be a high-performing team member who is highly detail-oriented and organized but also wildly creative! A proactive and hard-working attitude will help you excel in this role as will the ability to work with people who have very different workstyles.

Specifically, in this role you will:

* Develop a deep understanding of Business Chemistry and related personality/ workstyle assessments and systems

* Research topics related to leadership, culture, and workstyles, and summarize findings as needed

* Take ownership of building out our citation database, ensuring that citations are accurately captured and easily retrievable

* Organize data and conduct simple data analysis using Excel or other tools

* Create mock-ups of basic visuals that illustrate book concepts

* Assist in compiling and responding to editorial comments, partnering with authors to revise text and
visuals as appropriate

* Maintain, update and troubleshoot overall book project plan and timeline

* Assist authors in keeping track or various versions, revisions, and notes, using appropriate knowledge management tools to curate notes and content

* Work collaboratively and proactively with book team and others to promote teamwork, high quality deliverables, and process improvements

* Coordinate communication across authors and other Deloitte team members as well as publisher and vendors when needed

* Support related special projects pertaining to marketing the book

* Be client and quality centric with attention to detail, customized for each stakeholder



* At least four years of copyediting, graphic design, or project management experience with at least two years of directly relevant experience working on a book project

* Excellent research and writing skills with an eye for visual design

* Experience working in a fast-paced, team environment, but also working independently on multiple simultaneous assignments

* Effective interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with people of various workstyles

* Strong project management skills, with high attention to detail and the ability to be flexible


* Passion and interest in psychology, group dynamics and behavioral assessments

* Deep understanding of management/career trends

* Experience working or supporting teams under short deadlines

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