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In this role, you will be responsible for reviewing and organizing call center statistical data. This position reports directly to the Audit Manager. Driven by assignments from the account management group, this person will pull data from internal systems, compile and organize it, and deliver the finished report to the account management team. This will require some analysis as well. You’ll aid agents who are responsible for monitoring calls and offering feedback to our agents. You’ll be responsible for monitoring the day-to-day productivity of the audit queue system.


* Research agent disputes, and questions from program teams

* Draft new and respond to auditor messages

* Run and complete routine reports

* Collaborate with others

* Create and edit audits and question sets

* Facilitate and attend auditor and/or client calibration calls

* Other duties as assigned which fall within the scope of this position


* Strong analytical, problem solving and decision making abilities

* Highly approachable, collaborative work style to support a results-oriented environment

* Exceptional task management skills

* Proven ability to manage multiple project elements simultaneously and work well with others under pressure.

* Minimum of High School Diploma or GED

* Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

* Ability to multitask to work on several projects at once

* Clerical and administrative skills

* Competent in MS Excel

* Basic knowledge of MS Office Suite including Outlook and Word

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills

* Strong work ethic

* Exceptional customer service and problem solving skills

* Solid computer literacy and technical aptitude

* High level attention to detail

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