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In this role, you will be responsible for QA for a key LiveOps client. You will leverage auditing processes and insights to improve agent productivity, refine quality of service and drive improved performance and KPI’s. You’ll provide leadership and direction to a team of QA agents who are responsible for monitoring calls and offering feedback to our agents. You will provide data and analysis for both clients and internal teams. You’ll be responsible for monitoring the day-to-day operations and performance of the audit team, including achievement of all assigned metrics and quality objectives.


* Create and implement audit process and procedures for client

* Collaborate with client and internal teams to understand KPI’s and define and maintain audit question sets, calibration requirements and client and internal reporting

* Set up and manage ongoing audits, including performance, compliance and fraud audits

* Manage client and internal program team expectations and for auditing

* Track and monitor audit expenses and payouts for client

* Monitor audit volume and communications. Oversee daily community operations and audit tasks

* Own and drive reporting and analysis for audits and calibrations, both for clients and internal teams

* Resolve audit questions, disputes and escalations through internal and client tools, including PostBox, email and telephone

* Work with cross functional teams to identify and retain auditors

* Facilitate and attend auditor and/or client calibration calls

* Work with cross functional teams to certifying auditors on internal and client tools and processes

* Manage disposition issues and transcription tasks for your clients, as needed

* Other duties as assigned which fall within the scope of this position


* Proven ability to lead, direct and motivate staff with integrity and ethics in a Quality Assurance role and/or customer service center environment

* Strong analytical, problem solving and decision-making abilities

* Experience implementing effective QA processes focused on driving superior customer service

* Highly approachable, collaborative work style to support a results-oriented environment

* Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and work well with others under pressure.

* Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills

* Solid computer literacy and technical aptitude

* Competent in MS Excel and other MS Office Suite programs

* Strong work ethic and attention to detail

* Bilingual a plus

* BA or BS preferred

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