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Editing, Legal


To be discussed.


Job Description:

Remote work from 20-25 hours per week.

Our client is seeking a temporary Labor and Employment State Specialist Editor contractor, with substantial experience in labor and employment law in the state of Colorado.


* Write, edit, and update state-specific labor and employment resources, including checklists, standard forms and policies, and other state-specific legal content in accordance with Practical Law writing style.

* Be available to answer questions and perform research on discrete state law issues that arise in the final review of these resources conducted by Practical Law.


* At least six years’ experience working as a labor and employment lawyer in a law firm or as in-house counsel in the specified jurisdiction, and general expertise in labor and employment law.

* Enthusiasm and ambition, with a desire to improve the efficiency of legal services.

* A good understanding of the needs and priorities of law firm attorneys, in-house counsel and the legal market in general.

* Strong communication skills, particularly given remote nature of position.

* Strong work ethic and ability to meet deadlines.

* A passion for writing and good editing skills, including: very close attention to detail; impressive command of grammar, punctuation, and plain English; and the ability to write about complex legal issues clearly and simply.

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