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Administrative, Virtual Admin


To be discussed.



* Do you love to talk to people over the phone and video?

* Are you someone who obsesses over every little detail?

* Are you a tech nerd that loves to use software to make processes more efficient?

* Do you have a legendary follow through ability?

* Do you have awesome writing skills using emotional intelligence to convey messages?

Our mission at DoorGrow ( is to build awesome relationships and incredibly effective websites for property managers. We are ultra passionate about what we do, and we want someone to be part of our mission.

We want someone who is proactive and tells the Founder the tasks that you can take off his plate before he delegates them; freeing him up to focus on implementing the business strategy and continuing the vision. Other support tasks include handling his email inbox, schedule, reports, dashboards and much more.

High energy, fun, resourceful and able to figure out solutions using available resources primarily on your own describes the ideal candidate. You must also be a highly skilled, persuasive writer and a whiz at unpacking ideas. Only very tech savvy, tech-oriented individuals should apply as that’s a big part of our culture.


* Facebook administration expertise

* Comfortable with explaining things

* Event planning

* Experienced with writing and design

* Mac user a plus + + +

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