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At OfficeNinjas, we like to customize positions to people, and we know administrative pros are some of the most diverse ones out there. OfficeNinjas is rapidly growing in all directions and is in need of some administrative badassery to support internal operations.

We know better than anyone how broad admin duty ranges are, so we won’t limit you to a title that confines you to a single lane. The big must-have is an intense willingness to help a small team doing big things grow. We’ll also need you to be familiar with the tech landscape, startup life, and various tools and plugins that make processes hyper efficient.

After all that, we’re open to a variety of Ninja skillsets—whether you’re a master of events and campaign management or people operations and project management.

What You’ll Do

* Be responsible for tasks and projects that are within your specific skillset

* Find ways to streamline and optimize processes already in place with technology, templates, etc.

* Manage several projects in Asana at one time

* Provide customer service support using HelpScout

* Communicate and collect info from brands, gather data from Ninjas, ad hoc communication tasks

* Schedule and book event-related travel for internal team members

Work on Wide Range of Projects

* Online Campaigns: coordinate communication with Ninjas and brands; Receive and oversee brand assets and overall campaign deliverables

* Admingling Event Series: assist Events Manager with research, file management, and event logistics

* ONHQ Team Handbook: share your ideas on structural processes, onboarding, company culture, etc.

* Editorial: source, schedule, and loop in feedback from guest collaborators or groups; oversee workflow processes in Asana; support the publication calendar and Managing Editor

What You Need to Have

* 20 hours a week minimum to dedicate to OfficeNinjas (with room to increase hours)

* Ninja-like proficiency in Asana (if not, start learning it anyway!)

* Proficiency in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and other apps (you find joy in looking for new add-ons)

* Eyes and ears in the tech startup scene

* Experience working in a remote team environment
* Excellent written communication, practices brevity

* Excellent oral communication when communicating with team members or external collaborators

* Attention to detail (does it pain you when things aren’t properly formatted?)

* A growth mindset, willingness to learn beyond the scope of the “job”

* Proactive with a strong ability to give and receive feedback


* Experience with WordPress, CoSchedule, Active Campaign, SalesforceIQ, HelpScout, Typeform, Social Tables, Zapier, LastPass, Slack, Canva, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

* Willing to attend some events!

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