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Lullabot Education is an online technology training company. We have several websites that provide online resources for learning a variety of web technology. Our small team manages tutorial production, runs the websites, and provides customer support. We are looking for someone to support the people of our business: managing initial customer support requests, as well as providing administrative support to the team. You’ll be joining a team that believes strongly in helping each other and where everyone’s voice has impact on how we run our company.

This is a part-time position with 20 hours per week, paying $21,000/year with partial benefits and room for advancement. We’re looking for someone who would like to grow with our company. This may turn into a full-time position, but we do not have plans for that this year. You will work at home (or wherever you like), as we are a distributed company. Workday hours are very flexible, though we prefer that customer support is checked and managed at least 2 times each week day (Monday–Friday), once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening for your time zone.


– U.S. resident, eligible to work in the U.S.

– Experience in a customer service or administrative support role

– Strong research and problem-solving skills

– Good attention to detail and very organized

– Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects

– Excellent written and verbal communication

Nice to have

These are not required, but can be helpful to getting up to speed in the role quickly, so if you have experience here, let us know.

– Experience with any of our most common tools: Zendesk, GitHub, Trello, Recurly, Drupal

– Remote or distributed work environment (i.e. working from home)

– Marketing background or tasks


* Customer Service

This will involve reviewing all incoming support requests every week day, Monday–Friday. Almost all requests come in as email, with a few coming in as voice mail messages (we do not do live phone or chat support). Technical requests will be passed on to experts on the team, while account management will be handled by the person in this role. Account management includes, but is not limited to, tasks such as:

– Creating and editing accounts on our website and our billing system

– Processing cancellations and refunds

– Fielding sales inquiries

– Receiving POs and generating invoices

– Following up on invoice payments

And, of course, being very friendly and generally helpful to our customers

* Team Support

This will involve working with the team on a variety of tasks to support the company’s work. The times for this work are very flexible and up to you to determine. Tasks can include, but are not limited to:

– Creating and updating reports

– Data entry and cleanup

– Handling bank and government paperwork

– Assisting with content publication processes

– Assisting with marketing tasks

– Internal documentation

About Lullabot Education

Our mission is to empower anyone to build websites using open source tools. We teach how to use the technology along with supporting open source projects and communities. As a company we also deliberately work to create a positive and sustainable business. We’re focused on building an open and transparent company that values its employees and the impact we have on the world. Everyone on the team is directly involved in decisions and tasks that define the future of the company. You’ll join a fully distributed team, meaning you can work where you like, with great communication and support from the rest of the team.

You can find out more about who we are and what it’s like to work with us by reading our Employee Handbook.

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