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We believe our employees empower our company and are the reason behind our success. We are the nation’s largest educational consultant and test prep center specializing in credit-by-examination degree paths, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey.

Most working adults find it challenging to overcome the many obstacles associated with obtaining their college degree. Achieve acts as a counselor, advocate, and partner helping students achieve their degree in less time, with less effort, and for less money utilizing an alternative path to earning college credit known as credit-by-examination. Essentially, Achieve helps students bypass all of the busywork associated with taking certain college courses the traditional way, by instead passing just one test-out exam. While our credit-by-examination programs can shorten the path to any degree at virtually any college, the field where we have the greatest impact is the nursing profession.

Employee engagement and development is one of the keys to our success at Achieve! Embracing a work-from-home model for the entire company, all employees enjoy a better work-life balance through flexible work schedules. Does Achieve sound like the place for you? Apply today!

The Location: 100% Work from Home (Virtual Online). Position is open to outside of the US applicants.

The Schedule: Flexible schedule with availability during our Business Hours (Mon-Sun 8 am – 9 pm EST) and availability to work non-standard hours. Part-time opening of up to 20 hours per week.

Achieve Test Prep is seeking an Online Job Placement Assistant Instructor comfortable with teaching a career preparation course as well as manage a larger-scale career program within the company.

The Online Job Placement Assistant Instructor will prepare students once a week in a three hour virtual session on how to land their dream job while motivating and enabling learners to further their educational dreams. Class runs for 8 weeks (Tuesdays 1 pm – 4 pm ET), then repeats. A Powerpoint presentation, syllabus and study guide is provided with limited grading and feedback to be provided for students.

Roles & responsibilities:

* Recommend new approaches, policies and procedures to effect continual improvements in efficiency of Department and services performed

* Other company duties as assigned

* Acquaint students to their coursework and communicate course and school requirements

* Facilitate instructional courses using a virtual classroom platform

* Adapt training delivery, in real time, to meet differing experience levels of participants

* Employ synchronous and asynchronous tools to supplement course content

* Provide positive learning experience in which participants are encouraged to be actively engaged in the learning process

* Actively seek evidence of audience engagement, comprehension and provides coaching as necessary

* Respond to student messages and discussions in a timely manner within company guidelines

* Collaborate with Subject Matter Experts to develop and maintain training material

* Become proficient with training material content via self-education

* Additional duties may include additional support as required

Desired Skills & Experience:

* Strong content and subject matter knowledge

* Solid analytical skills

* Dependable presentation, facilitation and influencing skills

* Organization and time management skills

* Strong critical thinking and decision making skills

* High energy, enthusiastic, motivational training style

* Willingness to present in front of groups or on video

* Excellent communication skills

* Ability to work under pressure

* Adaptability to changes on a day-by-day basis

* Ability to work autonomously with minimal supervision

* Proven success at delivering instructional material

* Experience in Human Resources related role is a plus

* Proficient computer and email skills

* Proficient in MS Office

* Experience with Adobe Connect is a plus

* Experience with SalesForce is a plus

* Experience with G-Suite is a plus

* Reliable internet connection

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