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Data Entry, Research


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MaritzCX™ helps organizations see, sense, and act on the experiences and desires of every customer to increase retention, conversion, and lifetime value. With an unmatched combination of customer experience software, research science, vertical market expertise, and managed program services, MaritzCX delivers the world’s broadest CX software platform and services business.

This part-time position will work out of your home to conduct Market Research interviews by telephone with various individuals, gathering valuable information regarding products, services and experiences that will assist our clients in producing a higher level of customer satisfaction. Successful candidates are expected to represent MaritzCX and our clients in a professional manner, providing the highest level of customer service possible. Successful candidates will interact with the customer and record data through our CATI system (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing). Successful candidates must be comfortable with the operation of a personal computer and be comfortable with data entry processes and procedures.

This position requires the following:


Schedules submitted weekly to work around any personal obligations.

20 hours/week requirement, 28 hours max.

Weekends required. No exceptions, sorry.

Monday through Friday:

*The Minimum weekday shift is 4 hours. The maximum weekday shift is 6 hours.

The earliest start time is 2pm PT/3pm MT/4pm CT/5pm ET

The latest start time is 4pm PT/5pm MT/6pm CT/7pm ET

The latest shift lasts until 9pm PT/10pm MT/11pm CT/12am ET


*Minimum of 3 hours required each Saturday. The maximum Saturday shift is 8 hours.

The earliest start time is 8am PT/9am MT/10am CT/11am ET

The latest start time is 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET

Sunday: (Certain projects do not operate on Sunday)

The earliest start time is 9am PT/10am MT/11am CT/12pm ET

The latest start time is 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET

Perks & Incentives:

Direct Deposit of weekly pay checks each Friday Monthly incentive programs based on project performance – gift cards Employee referral program – gift cards Flexible weekly schedules that you create based on project hours Paid time off Paid training Raises at time of performance appraisal

Please provide all current and past employment details on your application to be considered for this position.

MaritzCX is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


* Familiarity with Computer/PC/Telephone

* Clear speaking voice, good grammar, and strong reading skills

* Maintain client confidentiality at all times

* Maintain a productive workstation that is quiet and free of any background noise

* Ability to read and speak English fluently and in a conversational manner

* Ability to explicitly follow verbal and written instructions

* Ability to maintain a friendly, professional rapport with customers over the phone

* Adhere to the attendance policy by being punctual and working designated shifts

* High tolerance for repetitive tasks

* Maintain a team oriented, cooperative spirit

* Behaving in a friendly and professional manner at all times

* Self-motivated to uphold production and quality standards

This virtual position also requires the following:

* Access to a PC with the ability to open Microsoft office documents and access to Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, Safari or other compatible web browser.

* Broadband connection to the internet – Reliable and high speed

* Access to a stable and reliable telephone connection (landlines are preferred)

* Access to a secure, private, and safe workspace

* Access to a workspace that is quiet and free of background noise and distractions

* Access to a noise cancelling headset

* Active email account

* All technology requirements must be provided by the employee and must be maintained in good working condition. All costs to meet these requirements, including repairs, monthly telephone and internet charges are the responsibility of the employee and are not reimbursed by MaritzCX.

* We start at your state/county minimum wage/hr. Top performers can increase their hourly rate by $1.25 per hour over the first twelve months. Actual increase is based on individual performance.
30 day perfect attendance = $.50 increase.

* Other wage increase opportunities may be given at time of performance appraisals (first appraisals come at 2 month, 6 month and yearly after two years of employment).


About Us

MaritzCX started with the simple idea that businesses need more than scores and reports to meet their customer experience (CX) challenges in the 21st century – and that idea drove us to combine the deep expertise of a proven research leader with the speed and innovation of a modern tech startup. The result is a faster, smarter approach to CX that gives businesses the power to see, sense, and act on the experiences of every individual customer – across every touchpoint — live. We would love for you to be a part of our journey.

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