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Quality Reviewer, Business Development


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The following position for a Loss Control reviewer, working for the Overland Solutions Survey Division will be a remote position responsible for nationwide coverage.

Incumbent conducts quality reviews, provides coaching and guidance to survey field staff on client expectations, and provides feedback/findings to the Quality Director to improve the total quality for customers in a manner that is consistent with company policies, procedures, and standards


* Primary goal is to improve total quality for our Customers’ book’s of business.

* Conducts a quality review of loss control survey reports to assure technical and professional company quality standards are met prior to the work being released for transmittal to the customer.

* Provides prompt, clear, succinct guidance to field staff for correction of any work not attaining client standards.

* Provides client specific expectations and assistance to survey field staff

* Is accountable for the quality of all survey work released by the branch to its customers.

* Advises the Quality Director of findings, product improvements or other actions that will improve the product of the surveys completed for our customers.

* Prepares accurate professional documentation of survey review, and communicates clearly and professionally with field staff, team members and clients.

* May be requested to assist with the more complicated and challenging field surveys should additional time be available after completion of the primary task of survey review and feedback.


* Strong analytical skills and an attention to detail.

* Ability to manage time and perform responsibilities with little/no supervision.

* Good interpersonal skills, ability to communicate effectively with co-workers and clients.

* Ability to utilize resources available to complete assigned projects successfully.

* Strong knowledge of OSHA standards, NFPA standards and the ability to research standards and apply it to reports

* Ability to thoroughly review and critique complicated Property and Casualty reports and apply technical knowledge to the reports

* Knowledge in use of computers.

* Familiarity with overall organization.

* Must exhibit initiative and be willing and able to pick up new tasks quickly.

* Ability to apply principles of logical or scientific thinking to a wide range of intellectual and practical problems.

* Ability to deal with nonverbal symbolism (formulas, scientific equations, graphs etc.) in its simple phases.

* Ability to deal with a variety of abstract and concrete variables.

* Must have extensive knowledge and skills using personal computers and MS-based office software packages including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access.

* Excellent written and oral communication skills. Ability to work/communicate with all levels of internal and external contacts.

* Excellent organizational and problem solving skills.

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