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Bilingual, Japanese, Customer Service, Translation


To be discussed.


The Native Speaker program is a special job opportunity at Action Verb available to bilingual people who speak fluent English, as well as one of the following languages:

* Danish

* Dutch

* French

* Japanese

* Italian

* Portuguese (Brazil)

* Russian

* Swedish

It is a major plus to live in the main country that speaks your native language, and it is required for you to at least be in a similar timezone to that country. Please make sure you are applying for the correct posting for your language.


Here are some of the things you’ll be doing as a Native Speaker at Action Verb:

* You’ll translate our web applications and marketing materials into your native language.

* You’ll answer phone calls and emails from current customers and prospects in your native language, working with our Sales and Customer Success departments to give the caller the same great service they’d have received if they spoke English.

* You’ll help us make decisions about targeted advertising and sales in your native language with your local knowledge.


We are looking for candidates who bring the following skills to the table:

* Perfect phone demeanor and ability to communicate effectively via the phone.

* Perfect grammar and professional tone via email.

* Understanding of the technical and engineering aspects of hosting.

* Ability to smoothly transition between Sales and Support functions.

* Desire to work in a fast-paced startup environment where if something you need doesn’t exist, you are expected to build it!

Our hosting products are not your normal run-of-the-mill hosting products. Vae Platform is highly customized CMS hosting (think Squarespace or Shopify) and BrickFTP is entirely focused on file sharing (think or Dropbox). With that said, we still want to see a hosting-centric skillset when we hire for Native Speakers.

The hosting-related body of knowledge we want you to have or be able to learn quickly includes:

* TCP/IP and understanding of IP routing



* E-Mail (including IMAP, POP, SMTP)

* Firewalls and Ports


* UNIX or Linux experience

* PHP/MySQL or similar coding experience

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