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Content Writer

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We’re looking for a creative, resourceful, and prolific Content Writer. In this role you will:

* Write SEO-optimized blog posts based on a defined SEO strategy

* Write emails, ranging from Autoresponders for downloaded content to customer newsletters and more

* Manage our social media channels and help expand our social media presence

* Produce other written content as needed (including but not limited to, case studies, eBooks, infographics, slide decks, whitepapers etc.)


* Associate’s level (2-5 years experience) writer

* Copy edit experience, high attention to detail

* Social media experience

* A passion for customer engagement

* Fantastic verbal and written communication skills

* Some knowledge of SEO best practices

* Experience producing compelling content and conducting interviews to gather information

* Ability to quickly grasp new technology and clearly explain its benefits


FormAssembly is a completely distributed team. We thrive through digital communication, and work to connect numerous times a day. Our culture is unique, read more about it here. We offer a competitive salary with health benefits, 401K, and flexible vacation time.

You’ll be joining a talented and fun team, working together to build something great!

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Writer on WordPress/Web Design/Online-Marketing

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Writing, WordPress, Web Design, SEO




We are looking for a reliable and experienced writer to join our team and produce regular articles on WordPress, web design, web development, online marketing, and related topics.

All content should be high quality, in-depth, actionable and research-driven. You should have the ability to break down complex technical matters and make them approachable for non-technical users.


* Propose blog post topics. For some articles, you will receive topics, keywords and/or briefs. However, you will also be asked to come up with your own.

* Contribute several 2,000-word articles per month including outlines, research, drafting, editing

* Provide images, screenshots and other visuals as needed

Necessary Qualifications

* Fluent in both written and verbal English

* Experience writing about WordPress, web development, web design, SEO, marketing and related areas

* Ability to create content that guides the audience to achieve their objectives in a clear and easy-to-follow way

* SEO skills are a plus

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B2B Account Manager/ Sales Representative

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Job Category:

Sales, Outbound Calling, BPO, B2B




We’re looking for passionate, confident and driven people who are or can become experts in selling content and translations.

Your responsibilities include:

– Building and managing a portfolio of clients from inbound and outbound leads

– Creating long-term relationships with new and existing customers

– Developing new business from existing clients and actively seek new sales opportunities

– Identifying the clients’ needs and present appropriate solutions

– Up-selling to existing accounts

– Reaching (and exceeding) monthly and quarterly sales targets

Your skills include:

– Write and speak English at a native level (Swedish or Norwegian is a bonus!)

– Minimum of 3 years of account management experience within a B2B environment.

– Previous success and experience in growing a network of clients

– Having clear and concise communication skills

– Being driven by numbers

Experience in iGaming and content is highly desirable. Candidates must also be based in Europe (only).

If you want to apply for the position as a B2B Account Manager, click here to take part in the first stage of the application process. It might also be worth checking out this blog on how to prepare for a job application with Topcontent.

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Sales Development

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Job Category:

Sales, Outbound Calling, BPO




Who are we?

EveryCloud is an established SAAS business looking for a telesales candidate to support to join our growing US team!

This role involves outbound calling with warm leads provided.

Who are you?

We’re looking for someone with the following attributes:

– At least six months of high call volume telesales experience

– A positive ‘can do’ attitude to work

– Excellent communication skills

– An interest in technology; our customer base is technology focused

– Excellent organisational skills

– Drive and determination to reach targets

– A team player

Additional details: We are looking for someone to book appointments with existing customers.

* Working hours: 10:00 – 17:00 (EST)

* Work from home environment

* KPIs and targets to be agreed

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Bilingual English/Spanish Linguist

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Bilingual, Language Processing, Spanish, English




Appen is looking for bilingual, independent contractor linguists to annotate data for our client’s Natural Language Processing systems. This is an ideal position for graduate students or anyone looking for flexible work; the roles are remote and part-time at 20 hrs weekly. The project is expected to continue through the calendar year.

You know that language data is the underpinning of all current language technologies. You love practical language analysis as well as theoretical. You’re quick to learn and implement new label sets with a consideration for the purpose of the data. You’re willing and able to spend several hours a day focusing on your task, with consistent results and are a native level speaker of either US Spanish or a variety of Spanish spoken in Latin America.

Project Details:

Work location: USA, telecommute

Hours: 20 weekly

Project duration: 2019 calendar year

The successful contractor linguist will be engaged in the following responsibilities:

* Annotate language data with linguistic information

* Implement annotation conventions and guidelines with accuracy and consistency

* Communicate with other annotators about effective annotation strategies

* Contribute to the improvement of tools and processes by raising issues and suggesting improvements

* Understand and adapt to changing requirements


* Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Language Technologies, or related field

* Interest in practical as well as theoretical linguistics, especially syntax, semantics, and pragmatics

* Facility with computers and software applications

* Ability to adapt to changing requirements, priorities, and revisions

* Cooperative, solution-oriented attitude

* Eagerness to learn new skills and work quickly

* Enthusiasm for detail work

* Ability to focus for significant portions of the work day

* Strong problem solving and analytical skills

* Native speaker of US English as well as US or Latin American Spanish

Preferred Qualifications

* Advanced degree and/or industry experience

* Annotation experience

* Experience with ontologies and label sets

* Experience working remotely

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Overnight/Weekend Air Travel Concierge

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Job Category:

Customer Service




Cranky Concierge is looking for a new Air Travel Concierge to join our team. We’re a small, growing company working in the quick-moving air travel industry. We need to find a reliable, fast, and accurate person who fits into a casual environment where everyone works remotely.

We specialize in providing air travel assistance to people at various points in their travels. The Overnight/Weekend Air Travel Concierge’s primary responsibility is to help people if something goes wrong during the hours the flight planning office is closed. We have three types of shifts, and we bid every two weeks so you can pick what fits with your schedule.

On-Call shifts: These shifts are from 6p to midnight and midnight to 6a Pacific Time nightly as well as from 2p to 6p Pacific Time on weekend days. On these shifts, the concierge has to be reactive if anything urgent happens during the scheduled time. If nothing goes wrong, then no work is done! On-Duty shifts: These shifts are from 6a to 10a and 10a to 2p Pacific Time on weekend days. On these shifts, the concierge is actively working. Besides responding to any urgent issues, the concierge will also assist with ticketing, responding to non-urgent emails, and other various tasks.

Scheduling shifts: Multiple times a day we have a concierge prepare the update emails to go out to travelers. This is usually more flexible on time, and it has a set job.

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about helping stranded travelers get where they need to go. You have to like dealing with people and understanding what they need, even if they aren’t entirely sure. We also need someone who is good at being available at night. If you don’t love this, it’s not the right fit.

More Details on Job Responsibilities

* There will be a minimum pay of 1.5 hours per shift and then actual hours beyond that will be billed as worked.

* For on-call shifts, the concierge will be on duty to answer any urgent questions and help travelers who are stuck overnight. Email and phone systems are programmed to alert if there’s a problem, so this role is responsive.

* Some urgent questions may require a simple response or update (such as slight delay with no impact to plans).

* Others may involve finding new flight options for cancellations and missed connections. This will often be done in the Sabre GDS.

* Be available to answer urgent phone calls and provide help if needed. (Sometimes, those calls to the urgent line aren’t all that urgent.)

* The first two weekend day shifts each day require certain office work and are paid for the full shift

Skills You Should Possess (and Other Stuff)

* Reliability is absolutely critical. Must be available and able to assist within 10 minutes of any alert notification.

* Must have good knowledge of airline networks and options to be able to find alternates quickly for stranded clients.

* Knowledge of Sabre or other GDS/ARS preferred but not required (don’t bring your bad habits)

* Accuracy and speed are very important. Timing is everything when it comes to this role.

* Common sense ability to help clients better understand what they need or should want is required.

* Never be too proud. If you don’t know the answer, then be willing to ask others for help.

* Must be able to roll with the punches and maintain calm demeanor. The client may be stressed and angry, so you can’t be.

* Background check will be required – job involves handling sensitive client data.

* Location doesn’t matter. We figured this might be perfect for an ex-pat who might not be working currently but wants something to do during the daytime on the other side of the world.

All work is done remotely so make sure that you have a comfortable place to work. Work will be done on your own PC computer, and you must have reliable internet and a smartphone. (Android works better in our system, but iPhone works too.) Communication with clients and airlines is a mix of email and phone, so you must have a quiet work environment.

We can’t stress enough how important attention to detail is. This is a part-time opportunity.

Location: Must be authorized to work in the US, but can work internationally

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E-commerce Content Marketer

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Job Category:

E-Commerce, Marketing




About Us

This role is a hybrid marketing/content creator type of position. We are not looking for someone to just churn out some blog posts or remember to post new content to facebook. We’re not looking for someone who needs to be told what to do or what to create. We’re not looking for someone who needs to be managed. We’re looking for someone who can set, measure, and meet KPIs as well as create excellent content with a very high attention to detail. You will should be able to conceptualize, create, measure, report, and optimize entire journeys from content to customer without being told what, when, or how – we will not hold your hand or micromanage you. You’ll be required to perform (and prove it), and be compensated for great performance.

This is a fully remote, contract position with a potential for regular bumps in salary based on performance.

Here are some of the things you’ll be doing:

* Creating marketing graphics, infographics, and PDF e-books

* Writing quality content for blog posts, newsletters, and the above

* Working with paid advertising managers to write content for landing pages for paid traffic

* Identifying and creating content plans to rank for specific keywords (content-focused SEO)

* Putting together visually appealing newsletters

* Creating polls/surveys and more to find out as much as possible about our current target audience, as well as experimenting with new audiences / personas

* Creating entire lead generation sequences (Content > Optin > Extra Data Collection > Lead Magnet Deliverable >

* Targeted Followup Lead Nurture, and then ongoing optimization and reporting on this)

* Social media management, engagement, and collaboration

Here are some of the KPI’s and reporting you’ll be expected to provide:

* Reports on the KPI goals of the content created

* How people use, interact with, and what they do after viewing your content

* Leads generated with your content

* Split testing and ongoing optimization of key content journeys

What we require from a successful applicant:

* An excellent portfolio of written and visual marketing content

* Experience creating entire content journeys (Content > Optin > Extra Data Collection > Lead Magnet Deliverable >

* Targeted Followup Lead Nurture, and then reporting and ongoing optimization on this) in E-commerce

* Incredible attention to detail

* Apply by sending over your portfolio and a paragraph about yourself (with some bullet point wins) along with a suggested content journey from visitor to conversion (take a look at https://tofukittyclub.com first) with some bullet points about every step in the journey. If you do this, we will follow up asking for a resume and more info if we like what we see. Like we said…attention to detail!

What would earn you bonus points during the hiring process:

* Experience in the pet industry

* Remote work experience, preferably using Asana

* Ability to edit and add text effects to video

* Ability to create shirt marketing videos

* Proven experience creating, implementing, analyzing, and driving high ROI using content marketing in e-commerce

What we don’t do:

* We don’t micromanage

* We don’t waste your or our time with “company culture”

* We don’t waste your or our time BSing in slack

* We don’t make you physically show up anywhere or to anything, ever

* We avoid long meetings (actually, we try to avoid them completely)

That means that you:

* Must be incredibly self-motivated and really eager to create (and prove) your ROI

* Must be very communicative in Asana

* Will work closely with the owner / head marketer

* Can’t be afraid to work in a position that requires you to perform

* Shouldn’t really care about fluff (think: anything done by a Silicon Valley startup…) and should care about ROI

* Should be highly confident in your ability to produce ROI with the experience to prove it

Here are some of the tools you’ll be using or should at least be familiar with and ready/willing to get up to speed using them:

A graphics platform or platforms of your choice




AHREF’s (or similar)






Hardware & software if/as needed

Free litter

100% remote

No BS, just performance

Good performance? Earn more cash.

Everything listed in “What we don’t do” (see above)

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Writers, The Temper

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Job Category:

Writing, Marketing




Who are we?

Tempest (formerly known as Hip Sobriety) is building the next generation of recovery care: a meticulously designed brand and media presence which positions sobriety as an aspirational lifestyle choice and an online educational platform to help achieve it. Our unique approach of putting people at the center of their own recovery helps us reach the 46 million Americans who don’t identify as addicted. And lets us disrupt the entire recovery industry.

The current product is an 8-week ed-tech/digital therapy/online community that is a blend of online resources and instructor-led online sessions. At this point, thousands of participants have been through the beta course with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of approximately 80. We launched a multi-contributor editorial platform, The Temper, in fall 2018.

We serve a customer currently ignored by the wellness, healthcare and recovery industries; deliver them to sobriety; and keep them engaged in an evolutionary pursuit at a fraction of the cost of traditional for profit treatment modalities. Tempest was founded in 2014 and is backed by Slow Ventures, Refactor, Female Founders Fund, and Red Light Management.

The Temper is seeking thoughtful, creative, and skilled freelance writers to contribute to its wellbeing, health, relationships, image, culture, and power verticals.

We believe in liberation through recovery and are dedicated to dismantling the power structures that force modern society in line—particularly through the lens of addiction and recovery, but also, race, gender, socioeconomic status, and toxic beauty standards. If you’re interested in exploring these topics—then we would love to hear from you.

We’re accepting personal essays, service pieces (how-to’s/tutorials), interviews, op-eds, long-form/original reporting and reviews. If it’s a good fit, then there is opportunity to contribute consistently.

Please submit a few pitch ideas for our managing editor to review.


– Pitch thought-provoking, highly-shareable article ideas

– In some cases, be willing to be assigned pieces

– Be open to feedback and working with our editors

– Honor deadlines


^ +2 years writing experience with portfolio or writing samples (internships/personal blogs count)

^ Strong individual voice

^ Passion or interest in addiction, sobriety, and recovery (from any chemical or behavioral addiction)

^ Passion or interest in understanding/upending established power dynamics

What we value and why you should join.

We’re a group of passionate and committed individuals determined not only to create a modern, feminist, inclusive, recovery modality but also to entirely upend the way our culture views alcohol—we are the anti-Rose All Day. We have a scrappy, get it done upstart ethos. We believe in showing up no matter what, honesty at all costs, persistence, straight-talking, and risk-taking. We’re not looking for culture fits, we’re looking for individuals looking to help build and grow an entirely new culture. You should join if you want to make a difference in the world, and see this as the obvious way for you to do just that.

Tempest is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to fair and inclusive employment practices, and strongly encourage people of color, women, LGBTQ individuals, people with disabilities, and others who may contribute to the diversification of ideas to apply. We offer competitive salary/equity packages and benefits.

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Research & Marketing Intern

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Job Category:

Research & Marketing




Now is the time to join Lindahl Reed. Lindahl Reed is a professional services company that provides program management, engineering and technical, and management advisory services to federal, state, institutional, and commercial customers nationwide. We offer expertise in the health, energy, and environmental markets. Lindahl Reed was founded in 2014 on the belief that we can advance a safer, healthier, and more resilient and sustainable world. Our solutions allow clients to work smarter and gain unique insights and understanding into their organization as well as improve decision-making to help meet their mission, business, compliance, and operational challenges – now and into the future. We are hiring creative, motivated, and talented people with a passion for doing what’s right, what’s smart, and what works.

Position Description:

Lindahl Reed is currently seeking a part-time intern in our Redmond, Oregon office and/or Remote location (but must be able to periodically meet in person with his/her supervisor). We are looking for a motivated individual to join our corporate team in support of business and administrative operations for our health, energy, and environmental practices. This individual will work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment with senior Lindahl Reed staff, on multifaceted operations and business initiatives. The ideal candidate will have the capabilities to support and/or assist with administrative and business tasks, which may include:

* Office administration functions

* Business research, as directed

* Business development activities, including assisting in identification and tracking of new business opportunities

* Assisting with Lindahl Reed’s social media and marketing strategy, including helping to develop and maintain company presence on social media platforms

* Assisting with drafting and implementing Lindahl Reed’s Corporate Social Responsibility program

* Other duties as assigned by Lindahl Reed managers

Minimum Qualifications, Skills, and Experience

* Basic requirements for Skills, Experience, Education and Credentials include:

* High School Diploma or equivalent

* Experience in MS Office 2010 or better required (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, & Outlook). Experience in Google platform a plus.

* Strong written and verbal communication skills

* Able to follow detailed instructions

* Able to prioritize and follow up on tasks efficiently and independently.

* Able to work alone or with a team

* Must be adaptable and comfortable working in a fast-paced and sometimes unstructured environment

* Submit to and successfully pass required background checks, if selected for position

* Be eligible to work in the United States (a DHS Form I-9 must be completed by the selected candidate and will be submitted to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for verification of eligibility to work through E-Verify)

* Residency within a Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) is a plus (see HUBZone Commitment below)

The work environment for this position requires an individual to be able to:

* Maintain a flexible work environment as needed.

* Work sitting or standing at a desk or conference table for extended periods of time with the ability to shift positions while working: sit, stand, pace, adjust positioning in any of those without issue.

* Ability to carry up to 10 pounds

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Junior Freelance Video Editor

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Job Category:

Editing, Video Edition, Production




MikMak is looking for a junior freelance Video Editor to join the video and production team creating and adapting videos for up to 10 hours per week.

We’re looking for someone who’s naturally creative. You enjoy working with video, post production, and creative personalities. You love working on a team just as much as you enjoy owning your own plate of work. Communicating within the company, along with working in a fast paced environment comes easily to you. You are also resourceful, responsive, and eager to get the job done.

The task at hand:

* Editing and reformatting many types of social videos for a diverse range of clients

* Manage media assets and archiving on all company projects via Google Drive

* Engage in opportunities to develop original content and concepts for web and mobile

The ideal candidate has:

* 2-4 years editing and delivery experience

* Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs (Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Illustrator, etc.)

* Willing to complete a short work example in After Effects

* Strong understanding of post-production workflow

* Must be extremely organized and able to successfully reach multiple deadlines at once

* Comfortable with Google Apps suite (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc)

* Remote work capability with a full edit suite off site

* The ability to communicate needs in a positive and productive fashion

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Deal Desk Manager

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Job Category:

Sales, Operations




Do you possess a phenomenal customer service ethic; will you do whatever it takes to help out your partners & customers? Are you passionate and determined about what you do and deliver your passion humbly? Are you creative and open-minded when it comes to learning and growing? If the answer is unequivocally yes to all of these, then read on.

Tanium is seeking a Deal Desk Manager, a fundamental and high profile commercial role, critical to enable Sales in the growth of Tanium’s Commercial businesses through multiple channels of opportunity. This role will be the commercial center point of the deal cycle and serve a pivot role in enabling Tanium’s sales teams be successful.

What you’ll do:

* Serve as a trusted adviser to sales executives and their teams on pricing, product configuration, and business terms to support the sales effort.

* Advise Sales on objection handling techniques, alternative contract options, and/or value propositioning to help drive deal closures

* Ensure compliance with published sales and business approval policies.

* Be a sales advocate & partner to internal organizations to understand complex sales issues

* Collaborate with impacted parties to identify acceptable options to facilitate deal closures

* Work with teammates and management to identify process improvement and/or sales training opportunities.

* Develop & deliver sales enablement tools (e.g. Product & Pricing FAQ’s, Sales Approval templates, etc.) Work with corporate operations to develop best practices for fulfilling non-standard deals

* Work with Channel partners, Channel Sales and Channel Operations to ensure predictability in transacting business

We’re looking for someone with:


BA or BS required


– Minimum 5 years of previous software industry, Deal Desk, Finance, Operations or pricing experience required (including modeling complex Enterprise License Arrangements)

– Experience in contract/legal negotiations required

– Basic foundational understanding of software revenue recognition principles preferred

– Experience using cutting edge financial modeling applications is a big plus

About Tanium:

At Tanium, we empower the world’s largest organizations to manage and protect their mission-critical networks. There’s a reason why 6 of the top 10 retailers, 12 of the top 15 US banks, and 4 of the US Armed Forces use Tanium. We provide lightning-fast capabilities at their fingertips to see everything and do anything across their computer networks – with unparalleled scale.

We pride ourselves on being unstoppable in the pursuit of our mission. We are diverse problem solvers driven to do the right thing and win as a team. Join our team at tanium.com/careers/

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Freelance Editor

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Job Category:

Editing, Editorial




We Are Seeking:

A highly motivated and dynamic freelance editor to copyedit and proofread our immersive technical training curricula. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in editing and publishing. They should be passionate about technology and be comfortable working with subject matter experts to edit publication-ready instructional materials for instructors and students.

Who You Are:

● You are passionate about copy. You love the idea of helping experts share their knowledge with the world in a way that is clear, engaging, and thoughtful.

● You thrive on bringing order to chaos and are someone who can be depended on to deliver highly polished deliveries consistently on time.

● You have an impeccable attention to detail. Misplaced bullets and stray lines of text drive you a little crazy.

● You understand the importance of style guides and consistency, and you aren’t afraid to push your weight to see them implemented correctly.

● You love the idea of impacting students through life-changing educational experiences.

In This Job You Will:

● Support editorial in expanding and maintaining style guides.

● Update Word lists to maintain consistency in all curricula.

● Copyedit and/or proofread materials for style and clarity, as well as to align with brand style guidelines.

● Review corrections and QA materials to detect errors. For example, check original files with updated versions, hyperlinks, art work, formatting issues, etc.

● Query or record omissions, errors, or inconsistencies.

● Possess expert knowledge of English grammar and punctuation.

● Demonstrate excellent copy editing and proofreading skills.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree preferred.

● 5+ years of experience in traditional or online publishing (textbook experience a major plus).

● Proven experience working in content development for technical topics (Programming, IT, etc.), preferably in an educational format.

● Excellent communication skills.

● Excellent copyediting and proofreading skills, familiarity with electronic copyediting using the Microsoft Office Suite.

● Demonstrated success meeting deadlines in fast-paced, multiproject environments.

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Curriculum Engineer (Digital Marketing)

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Job Category:

SEO, Digital Marketing, PPC, AdWords




Are you a passionate Digital Marketing Professional with a knack for changing lives? Do you love writing, teaching, and storytelling as much as you love creating marketing campaigns? Are you an AdWords wizard who loves discussing the latest trends in the field? Then we may have the position for you.

At Trilogy Education Services, we’re creating programs to train new audiences for careers in the tech industry. Our programs are taught at the leading universities across the country including the University of Pennsylvania, University of California Berkeley, Northwestern, UNC Chapel Hill, Rutgers, UT Austin, and many others. We pride ourselves on building high-quality programs that help ambitious, hardworking adults change their lives through practical skills, fundamental knowledge, and the confidence to advance their careers.

We’re looking for a top-notch professional with a love for teaching, inspiring, and helping newcomers enter the field of Digital Marketing. The program we’re developing combines theoretical teaching with plenty of hands-on practical, skills-based training.

Who You Are:

1. Someone with at least 5-10+ years of industry experience in Digital Marketing. We’re ideally looking for someone who has worked both in large organizations environments and in smaller startups. Someone with a lot of hands-on experience. We’re building a program in which students learn by doing! At a minimum, you should have a strong familiarity with topics like:

– Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

– Search Advertising (AdWords)

– Display Advertising (Google Display Network and Programmatic Display)

– Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

– Email Marketing (MailChimp), Marketo

– Native Advertising


– JavaScript


– Website Analytics (Google Analytics)

– Customer Relationship Management (Salesforce)

2. Marketing Dashboarding (Tableau)

3. Someone who absolutely loves teaching and sharing knowledge with others. It’s ideal if you’ve taught digital marketing or PPC in the past. Major plus if you’ve spoken at a digital marketing conferences.

4. Someone with a creative itch! This program will require a great deal of ingenuity and setup to create at scale. We want someone who is excited by the idea of teaching students how to build winning Facebook Ad Campaigns.

5. Someone who is a lot of fun! We want learning technology to be exciting, engaging, and a little funny. Imagine an engineering class that feels like a Disney movie. We need fun people to make this a reality.

6. Someone who can manage a team. We’ve got a team of brilliant curriculum developers who can build amazing modules. We want someone who can bring expertise and new vision to the program. We’re looking for a true tech titan.

7. Someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. In this capacity, you’ll be responsible for keeping a living curriculum up-to-date for hundreds of Instructors and TAs across the country. This means managing issues, pull requests, and bug fixes. It also means taking in community input on technology trends. We need someone with a bit of thick skin, an infectious enthusiasm for continual improvement, and an ability to maintain a community of professionals.

8. Someone who is looking for more than just a paycheck. We can’t stress this enough. Deep within all of us at Trilogy is the belief that our programs change lives. Each month we hear from countless students attesting to how our program brought them new skills, landed them new jobs, and a renewed sense of confidence. This impact is what our work is really about to us.

What You Will Do:

1. You will be responsible for leading a team of curriculum developers developing our Digital Marketing program.

2. This curriculum is one that is taught across the country by all of the Instructors and TAs in our network.

3. You will be responsible for dreaming up and creating instructional activities for demonstrating key concepts in the area of digital marketing.

4. You will be responsible for improving portions of our curriculum based on student learning data — and continually asked to create improved content for teaching topics covered in our program.

5. You will be responsible for staying abreast of technology trends and incorporate these trends into the curriculum.

6. Lastly and most importantly, you will be responsible for making sure our program is the very best digital marketing program it can be. We want the person in this role to feel accountable to our students’ success in the same way we hold ourselves accountable to their success in all other areas.

About Trilogy:

Trilogy Education Services is a Workforce Accelerator whose mission is to empower universities to transform the lives of students by preparing them for high-growth careers in the Digital Economy. We create and manage skills-based training programs that are university-run, student-tested, and employer-approved. Each Trilogy program is individually designed to meet the needs of regional employers, and to ensure that students graduate with both technical skills and personal confidence to succeed in their careers. The world’s leading universities, including Northwestern School of Professional Studies, UC Berkeley Extension, and Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies, trust Trilogy to help their students meet the needs of the Digital Economy.

We’re a rapidly growing and established education company with thousands of students enrolled in our programs. We’re data-driven — with a startup like culture and tremendous opportunities to have a huge impact.

Oh. And we’re a ridiculously fun place to work.

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Academic Recruiter

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Job Category:

Academic, Recruiter, HR




Are you passionate about changing lives? Are you nerdy and fun? Are you looking for more than a paycheck? If so, we would love to speak with you!

We are looking for an exceptional Technical Recruiter who is passionate about driving results through innovative processes and strategies. We’re rapidly expanding our geographic footprint and we’ll need to assess, Technical talent to help us get there. We’re looking for people with passion, a demonstrated ability to learn on their feet, and a desire to escape the cubicle and stretch their creative muscles in new ways.

This individual will be responsible for evaluating potential Instructors and Teaching Assistants across Trilogy’s partner University locations. You will be tasked with assessing knowledge and overall classroom fit throughout the interview process. We are a fast-paced rapidly growing company that prides itself on hiring the best talent to deliver our curriculum to our students. You will engage with our candidates, develop a knack for finding the best talent that works with Trilogy’s mission and most importantly have fun while doing it!

Who You Are:

* Mission driven and passionate about working with people

* Familiar with our programs

* A strong writer and communicator

* Able to thrive in chaos.

* Innovative

* A lot of fun!

What You Will Do:

* Assess candidates’ knowledge and ability to interact with students effectively

* Learn and follow the “Trilogy way” of evaluating talent to best fit the classroom

* Constantly collaborate cross-functionally to help improve and iterate on curriculum as we grow and change

* Provide a stellar customer service experience for all candidates

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Spanish Language Teacher

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Job Category:

Spanish, Online Teaching, Education, Language learning




With students at the center, it is our mission to empower even the busiest people to master a language and unlock their potential – anytime, anywhere.

Do you like teaching people from across the world from the comfort of your own home?

Are you driven, self-organised, tech savvy and interested in being an independent educator in the classroom of the future?

Does earning up to 1300 EUR a month working part time and flexible schedules pique your interest?

If the answer to all of the above is yes, we would love to get to know you.

About Lingoda…

Lingoda has been at the forefront of e-learning since 2013; actively changing the way in which a language is learned.

Our premium virtual platform makes for the perfect online classroom environment enabling more than 6000 classes happening every week.

Working alongside us here at Lingoda will mean you are part of a steadily growing company developing the future of online learning.

Must haves:

* You can legally work as a freelancer

* Technical equipment (High speed internet connection, headset with microphone, Laptop/desktop with a camera)

* Comfortable quiet working environment

You’re offering these qualifications:

* Your skills and experience

* Spanish is your native language (C2+ level at least)

* You have gained some experience in the field of education

* You are studying or have finished your studies in ELE or Master’s in Education in Spanish

* You are available to work during the weekend

* You have great time management and organizational skills

* You are proactive in your teaching methodology

* You use your initiative to solve problems and engage students

We’re offering these benefits:

* Learning Materials provided: no preparation time

* The opportunity to be part of the future of language learning

* Flexible working hours in the weekend

* Work from anywhere with a strong internet connection

* Discount on Language Courses

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