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About you

We’re a tiny bootstrapped company, so you should be a self-starter who loves to get things done and embraces responsibility. You won’t just be a cog in the wheel. Your impact will be felt inside and outside the company. You’ll help shape our brand, our culture, and our product. You’ll work directly with the founder and have full autonomy to do your very best work.

* You have exceptional writing and editing skills.

* You love creating content on a daily basis.

* You have strong work ethic and desire to exceed expectations.

* You value deep work and respect teammates’ time and focus.

* You love to improve process and thrive on organization and planning.

* You have an analytical mindset and care about generating automated metrics to measure content performance.

What you’ll work on

It will be your responsibility to design and implement a unique and creative content marketing strategy that drives demand and increases awareness.

You’ll learn about Memberful and the space we operate in. You’ll study our customers and deeply understand the different jobs Memberful does for them. Then, using your experience and findings, you’ll choose an area of focus. You’ll use automated metrics to measure content performance and iterate strategy based on the results.

It’s important to point out, we’re not tied to a specific content format. It could be educational content for our blog, e-books, courses, a podcast, video, or something else. Because you’ll be creating nearly all of the content, we want the content format to play to your strengths. So if you’re great with video, we would naturally expect video to be an area of focus.

Some of your day-to-day responsibilities will include creating content, managing a content production calendar, and working with influencers to help amplify our efforts. We care about doing high-quality work and delivering results. You’ll establish your own key performance indicators and regularly report your results to the rest of the team.

Skills, Salary & Benefits

You should have demonstrated experience creating great content.

* Salary of $50,000 – $70,000 USD.

* Profit sharing bonuses (uncapped).

* Work remotely from anywhere in the world.

* Life-compatible hours. Results based culture.

* 3 weeks vacation (2 weeks mandatory).

* Important: We do not provide health insurance.

How to Apply

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