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Bilingual, Japanese, Customer Service, Entertainment & Media, Gaming


To be discussed.


We are hiring Japanese speaking candidates to join our international support team.

This position is perfect for:

* The world travellers

* Students taking a gap year during/before college

* University students looking for a part-time job

* Those who need a job to support a specific side project or life-style

You are going to provide Customer Support to one of our gaming clients and help us grow as a the most awe-inspiring company in the Customer Support industry.

The objective of this position is simple: you will attend customers during their gameplay to help solve their issues. Also, you will troubleshoot e-commerce related problems.

Of course, you will receive a top-notch training in order to slay all upcoming issues!


* Fluency in English and Japanese (speaking and writing). Additional languages are a big plus.

* You have experience with the newest video games and consoles.

* Experience with computers and technology products.

* Quick learning skills and being open to working with new technologies and products.

* Flexibility, strong communication skills and being good at multitasking and problem solving.

* A dedicated and quiet work space.

PC requirements:

* An internet speed minimum of 1 MB/0.5MB internationally to both locations,

* A minimum of 8 GB RAM memory, with a 64 bit windows version (windows 7 or higher)

* An I5 processor or better/ similar, max. 3 years old.

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