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Job Category:

Marketing, Online Marketing, Project Management


To be discussed.


Job duties include:

* Design and execute digital marketing strategy for Kaul Sales Partners and its clients

* Determine media approach selecting from paid, earned and owned media options

* Setup and manage marketing automation and email marketing systems

* Improve path to purchase conversion results applying the latest ideas and technologies

* Support as a backup the email marketing clerical administrator

Skills Needed:

* Proven background in lead generation and path to purchase conversion techniques

* Experience working with marketing automation and email marketing technologies

* Knowledge of how sales and marketing departments function

* Extreme attention to detail

* Experience with or other CRMs

* Quick to pick-up new technology such as Asana, Slack and Real Magnet

* Excel proficiency

Attitude Needed:

* Self-motivated

* Loves to work independently

* Thrives to beat deadlines

* Work ethic is a way of life

* Loves to grow, and keeping up with technology is a way of life

* Values team collaboration

* Appreciates the importance of communication and frequent updates

* Addicted to checking your emails and staying connected


* Work as an independent contractor 10-15 hours a week initially, and scale up to 15-20 hours based upon personal performance and company growth.

* Must have daytime availability and significant flexibility during the week.

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