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The Phase 0 Guide is one of the most important roles in Phase 0. Phase 0 Guides are the face of DBC for hundreds of new students every year. Guides provide both technical and cultural support so students can be successful in their journey to becoming web developers.

Being a guide involves the following:

* Supporting students by holding Guided Pairing Sessions (GPS) and Office Hours, and other sessions as requested

* Reviewing students’ solo challenges using the assignment rubrics within a week of assignment submission

* Assessing a student’s technical and cultural progression in a GPS by assessing against the GPS rubric and providing feedback to students within a day

* Staying current on the GPS challenges being issued by Phase 0 by completing them yourself before you lead a session

* Reading and integrating student feedback

* Providing feedback on curriculum and challenges to the Curriculum Designer

* Attending training and reading resources offered by the Guide Leader

* Submitting hours worked by the deadline (Workday will prompt you to submit your hours by the deadline)

You should count any time spent performing any of these accountabilities as hours worked. The current pay rate is $30/hr.

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