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Looking for a flexible career in copywriting that will allow you to work from anywhere you want? WebpageFX is looking for experienced remote copy editors with an eye for detail and an expert-level command of AP style guildelines.


If you’re seeking a long-term freelance partnership, we’d love to hear from you.

* Work on a variety of content types from from blog posts to sales copy to longer, informative guides.

* You’ll get to edit content for a wide range of clients spanning across hundreds of industries, subject matters, and styles.

* Enjoy a flexible schedule working through your assignments from the comfort of home.

* Help others hone and develop their talents as writers by providing constructive feedback.

Desired Skills:

* WebpageFX welcomes editors across all industries to apply. Particularly, we are frequently on the lookout for editors with an understanding of the construction, manufacturing, and medical industries.

* WebpageFX values editors who possess stellar communication skills, flexibility, and availability.

* Our content aims to capture the style and tone of each business that we work with. WebpageFX looks for editors who are eager to understand a business’s unique style and tone.

Our Editing Team Values:

Our philosophy: Learn something new every day. Always do your best. Dive into the editing process with purpose and passion. And double-check!

Our inspiration: Editing is like an extreme sport: No step is too small to notice, but the end result is exhilarating. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Our standard: Personal pride for the work we complete and a desire to fulfill an important role in a creative process.

Our goal: Complete tasks quickly yet accurately. Search for new approaches and share industry knowledge. Be awesome editors and even better people.

Our mission: To take well-written and thought-out stories — and make them better! Understand all forms of content and the purpose of that content. Know the right voice, tone, and information required to make that content successful. Polish all content types with supportive links, proper grammar, and crisp style.


If your application is considered, the next step involves moving through our paid development program, the “Editing Bootcamp.” The Bootcamp itself will take only a few hours. Following your initial training, you may be asked to complete several paid trial assignments. These assignments will allow us to get a feel for your proficiency to execute on AP Style guidelines as well as provide feedback to writers on producing an engagin and working style to determine if there’s a good match.

How to Apply

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