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Editing, Internet & Ecommerce, SEO & SEM, Writing, Blogging, Online Content




We’re looking for an absolutely stellar copywritergreat with grammar and comfortable with both conversational and technical tone. You ask thoughtful questions about the goals of a piece and its intended audience. You start with outlines, ensuring a thoughtful information architecture for your copy. You understand what it means to write for SEO/keyword strategy and you know how to do it. You infuse creativity, intentionality, and a marketing-mindedness into everything you write. You dig writing, you’re really good at it, and you have solid experience copywriting in a marketing capacity.

You’ll work closely with the rest of our marketing team on content creation for campaigns, websites, and projects. You’ll collaborate with our respective product marketing strategists to ensure that our content is thoughtful, creative, and speaks to specific goals and audiences. You’ll work with designers to ensure that copy and design work in concert to create something wonderful.

Modern Tribe believes in quality. In our products. In our relationships. In our lives. We are 100% distributed and close as can be.

Who We Are

Modern Tribe, Inc. is a rapidly growing software & design company. We develop custom solutions for some of the world’s largest companies, government institutions and smaller growing organizations. We pride ourselves on our ability to bridge people and technology and to bring the passion and dedication of an entrepreneur to every project. Our team is composed of talented employees and freelancers around North & South America (and a smattering across the globe).

Specifically, this opportunity fits in with our core marketing team, working on all things related our newest SaaS calendar product (Loxi) as well as our long-established WP plugin and other related endeavors. The common threads in marketing for our digital products are WordPress and events marketing strategy. Most of our products today focus on the intersection of the two. Moving forward, we are exploring development of new products as well.

Modern Tribe is committed to a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion. We foster an environment of collaboration, open engagement, fairness and respect regardless of differences in age, race, disability, national origin, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status. As a hybrid workspace ranging from distributed contractors to traditional employees, we value the unique perspectives and experiences of our global team.

We come from all walks of life. We are small business owners. We are tattoo aficionados and 80’s movie buffs and ex-pats. We are homeschool teachers. We are single parents. We are musicians, college drop-outs, and entrepreneurs. We are travelers, feminists, runners, volunteers, and makers. We are a Modern Tribe.

Everyday we strive to fulfill our motto: live well and do good work. We hope you will consider joining us.

Who You Are

We love working with each other because we have built a culture that suits us well. We work primarily with freelancers and coordinate their talents for large projects. To be on our team, you must be:

* Happy Where there is a will, there is a way. Having a positive disposition allows us to achieve great things and to support each other.

* Helpful Always looking for ways that you can help others.

* Curious It is essential that you have a passion for learning. Technology changes daily, and life has a way of constantly raising the bar.

* Accountable Our clients expect us to get the right thing done on budget and on time. Communicating expectations and meeting them is the cornerstone of success.

Personal Competencies

* Strong communication and/or experience working as part of a remote team

* Self-motivated, detail-oriented, strong organizational skills, with a methodical approach to all tasks

* Ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines

* Ability to work independently with minimal oversight

* Fluent English speaker

Required Knowledge & Experience

* At least 3-5 years copywriting experience with a focus on content marketing and a demonstrated track record of growth in career path

* Experience writing for SEO/keyword strategy

* Experience writing for multiple audience types

* Highly creative, able to put self in audiences’ shoes (empathetic)

* Has a good eye for design

* Exceptional attention to detail

* Excellent understanding of various marketing channels and how to optimize content for each

* Super-solid organizational skills

* Collaborates well in a team environment; self-starter who asks questions when need be and isn’t afraid to dig in to contribute at a
fundamental level

Additional Experience (Bonus Points)

* WordPress experience (either experience working in the ecosystem or demonstrates a well-informed/solid understanding of the ecosystem) this is bonus but pretty dang important

* Events marketing experience (hosting/marketing events)

* Experience marketing to international digital software users


You’ll be Tribe’s go-to copywriter for all things copywriting and beyond. As such, you’ll be responsible for the following:

Content Concepting and Development

* Collaborate with plugins and saas marketing strategists on content goals, audience definition, topics and outline definition, etc.

* Collaborate with marketing strategists on creative direction of content (copy)

* Collaborate with designers on creative content direction (intersect of design and copy)


* Blogs, social media posts, content marketing collateral (whitepapers, ebooks, etc.)

* Copy for keyword strategy/SEO

* Optimizing copy for goal and audience, optimizing copy for platform best practices

* Ensuring adherence brand standards/guidelines, established voice and tone, careful attention to grammatical detail


* Editorial review of content

* Proofing of content

* Continue to develop editorial process at Modern Tribe


* Able to evaluate and uphold content quality standards (written, visual, etc.)

* Analysis of content-related metrics

* Continuous improvement: recommendations for content adjustments

Additional Responsibilities

* Tagging, classifying, and organizing content

* Existing content optimization work (SEO or accessibility optimization, for example)

* Use of editorial calendars

* Sourcing appropriate curated content and content inspiration


Work from anywhere in North, Central or South America. If your timezone is outside of US business hours but you work at least 4+ hours of overlap each day, let’s chat. You must be fluent in English. You just need a computer and a strong wifi signal to support daily video chats with the Tribe.


The content specialist role at Modern Tribe is a contract role. Pay range is between $35-45 USD per hour commensurate with qualifications and experience. We are currently looking for freelance contractors about 20-25 hours a week for this gig.


We believe in learning from each other and fostering personal growth. You can expect to learn a lot while working with us and we have a benefits package for full time employees.

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