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Foreign Language, Editing


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Who we want

We are hiring Foreign Language Content Analysts (Moderation Specialists) in the following languages: Thai, Korean, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian and Croatian.

Content Analysts read and process the large quantities of user generated content that is posted to our client’s websites. This content includes, but is not limited to, customer product reviews, questions, and general comments. Bazaarvoice has over 5000 global clients. Each client has a unique set of guidelines by which their content is processed and coded. A successful Content Analyst is someone who knows how to work independently in a focused manner, someone who is detail oriented and readily picks up new technology and information, and someone who is a quick and competent reader.

A new Content Analyst participates in a two and half-week paid training program. The next class will begin in August of 2017. The Content Analyst will watch online modules, be expected to study independently, take online practice tests and attend scheduled webinars. Someone who has successfully completed an online college course or similar exercise is an ideal candidate.

Once the training is complete, the Content Analyst will commit to a fixed schedule of 16 hours (Monday to Sunday) each week. Additionally, 4 of those 16 scheduled hours must be between Friday at 4PM and Midnight CST on Sundays. These 16 hours are set and do not change from week to week. In addition to the 16 hours, we offer you the chance to work extra flex time hours whenever you choose. Up to an additional 13 hours can be worked anytime during the week, up to a maximum of 29 hours per week.

We are looking for candidates who can commit to a successful completion of the training program, and can integrate a part-time work commitment seamlessly into their lifestyle. Preference will be given to candidates who reside in Texas. Native level proficiency in one of the listed languages is required: Thai, Korean, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian. Also required is a professional level of proficiency in English for all candidates.

Following completion of the training program all new Content Analysts will be assigned to a Coach – an experienced Content Analyst – who will work closely with them during the first weeks of moderating live content. Candidates must be comfortable interacting in an online environment, asking and responding to questions through email, and able to quickly learn and make work-related adjustments based on feedback given.

Skills and experience necessary for the role

Background Requirements:

– Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent

– Authorization to work in the United States, and must be a resident of TX, CO, FL, IN, KS, LA, NJ, OH, PA. Strong preference given to Texas-based or Austin-area candidates

– Ability to work 16-29 hours per week, and at least 4 hours each weekend

– Be available and ready to begin working at needed time

– Possess computer with up-to-date software and Chrome

– Professional working proficiency in English and native-level proficiency in Thai, Korean, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian or Croatian

Basic Skills:

– Proficiency with e-mail applications, online messaging services and forums, and Web applications

– Proficiency with Office applications, including Word, Excel, and Outlook

– Professional communication skills

Job Skills:

– The ability to adapt to our clients’ changing business needs

– The capability to quickly assess content for suitability based on established guidelines and codes

– The capacity to accurately apply all appropriate codes to received content

– Display job-related dexterity and situational awareness expected of a mentoring team member

About Bazaarvoice

At Bazaarvoice, our vision is creating the world’s smartest network of customers, brands and retailers. Each month, more than one-half billion consumers view and share authentic opinions, questions and experiences about tens of millions of products in our network. Our technology platform gives leading brands and retailers solutions that enable them to engage with consumers wherever they shop – online, in-store or on their mobile devices. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Bazaarvoice has offices across North America and Europe.

Why join Bazaarvoice?

– We’re committed to client success: There are over 5K brand and retail websites in the Bazaarvoice network. Our clients represent some of the world’s leading companies across a wide range of industries including retail, apparel, automotive, consumer electronics and travel.

– We’re leaders in consumer-generated content: Each month, more than one-half billion consumers view and share authentic consumer-generated content, such as ratings and reviews, curated photos, social posts and videos, about products in our network. Last year, 135K reviews were submitted each day.

– Our network delivers: Network analytics provide insights that help marketers and advertisers provide more engaging experiences that drive brand awareness, consideration, sales, and loyalty.

– We’re a great place to work: We pride ourselves on our unique culture. Join a company that values passion, innovation, authenticity, generosity, respect, teamwork, and performance.

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