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The Art of Applying changes peoples’ lives all over the world by helping them get into the best graduate schools in the world and get money to pay for it! Despite our love for the Ivy League, there are no fancy degrees required for the job we’re hiring for right now.

Joining The Art of Applying team as a Breakthrough Coach is an invitation to break out of boredom, overcome under-earning and reach your potential.

Within four months on the job, you can expect to earn $5000+ per month while working from home on a high-energy team helping amazing clients.

DEADLINE: ASAP. Training begins on Monday, April 23. High-quality applications received after April 23 will be put on a waiting list.

ABOUT OUR TEAM: Dylan is our Lead Breakthrough Coach. Just a year ago, Dylan was a small town reporter with no background in sales, and now he earns $5000-$10,000 per month working from home and helping make people’s dreams come true. When you join the team, Dylan will train you intensively and be there for you every day to answer your questions as you learn how to excel in your role. And don’t worry that you’re bothering him; Dylan gets paid to help you succeed, and the better you do at your job, the more money he gets paid!

Tyler and Kiara will be listening to the recordings of every single one of your calls and giving you feedback, helping you get better and better at being persuasive and effective on your calls. Their feedback is candid but kind, so you’ll never be left in the dark wondering how you’re doing or how to get better.

Once you get someone enrolled in the program, Kyle, Kiara, or Tyler will have an onboarding call with your client, so that the person you just signed up knows how to find her way around her client portal and make the most of her time with us in the program.

Training begins on Monday, April 23. Applications received after training begins will be put on a waiting list. We are always interested in hardworking, super-committed, enthusiastic people!

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