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Northrop Grumman is seeking a Part Time/On Call CAT III or II Arabic Linguists to provide translations of English media products into Arabic as well as providing cultural advisement for improvement of linguistic clarity, cultural relevance and cultural sensitivities. The main language of translation will be in MSA, but will focus primarily on Libyan audiences.

Duties and responsibilities include:

* Provide Objective, Unbiased, & Logical cultural advisement.

* Follow orderly and sequential systematic procedures and guidelines.

* Provide foreign language interpretation, translation, transliteration & transcription, document exploitation (DOCEX) services.

* Provide written and verbal translation of various types of media from target language to source language while maintaining congruity in judgment.

Basic Qualifications:

* Must possess a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 6 years of relevant experience. Note: Additional years of experience may be considered in lieu of the degree requirement: Combined total of 10 years between education and relevant experience.

* Must have a minimum of 6 years prior experience working in support of US Armed Forces or US government agencies.

* Must have a minimum of 3/3/3 testing scores in MSA Arabic.

* Must possess excellent listening skills with ability to pay attention to minute details.

* Must be comfortable providing presentations and products while working remotely with other team members.

* Must have an in depth understanding of the cultural differences, nuances, customs, symbolism, mannerisms, traditions of the various ethnic groups residing throughout the MENA.

* Must possess or be able to obtain a Secret Clearance.

* Must be a U.S. Citizen.

Preferred Qualifications:

* Master’s degree or higher degree.

* Familiarity with media production in support of Information Operations.

* The ability to read scripts out loud, speaking, annunciating, pronouncing clearly in the proper Arabic dialect of the intended native target regional language required by the mission (professional voice acting experience is not required).

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